The Best of the Best


The following awards celebrate the participants whose work has excelled most during the ratings period. From ratings given by both judges and the marketplace, they have earned their title as Best of the Best.

Design Champion


ABBA Voyage
Marketing - Event Experience | Commissioner: ABBA | Creator: Industrial Light & Magic

Best Design Studio - Small

Ekho StudioView

Globe Point - Leeds
Interior Design - Co-Working & Studio Space | Creator: Ekho Studio | Commissioner: CEG

HQ for AstraZeneca UK
Interior Design - Corporate & Commercial | Creator: Ekho Studio | Commissioner: AstraZeneca UK

Best Design Studio - Medium

Red StoneView

North London Hospice
Graphic Design - Identity and Branding | Creator: Red Stone | Commissioner: North London Hospice

Canal & River Trust Summer campaign
Marketing - Branded Experience | Creator: Red Stone | Commissioner: Canal & River Trust

Best Design Studio - Large


Knot Waste
Better Future - Circular Economy | Creator: PriestmanGoode | Commissioner: PriestmanGoode

Better Future - Equity & Inclusion  | Creator: PriestmanGoode | Commissioner: PriestmanGoode

World View Flight Preview Movie
Marketing - Film or Video | Creator: PriestmanGoode | Commissioner: World View Enterprises