Key Dates

28 April 2023 - Launch Deadline
8 June 2023 - Standard Deadline
31 August 2023 - Extended Deadline
17 November 2023 - Judging
29 November 2023 - Winners Announced


Project Overview

This case takes the waterfront culture as the design context. Due to the long-term work of the owner in other places, privacy and flexibility of the bedroom are required. Through appropriate functional adjustment, the lighting can be introduced, and the storage space and emotional communication required in the family life can be met.

In terms of style, simple colors and lines infuse with the exquisite and fashionable aesthetics, and perfectly set off the outdoor natural river scenery. When the families interact in the public area or are alone in their own spaces, they can enjoy the riverbank scenery freely.


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Project Brief

The designer draws inspiration from the flow of rivers and integrates the soft curve, stone, and wood grain into the natural and simple colors, to echo the outdoor scenery. Delicate details convey a rational and elegant attitude to life.

On the other hand, through the layout adjustment, the house becomes a spiritual confluence carrying the river scenery, living function, and family interaction.

To magnify the dimensional feeling, through the lightness of the TV cabinet, it releases more moving line space, with different color layers, to create the visual depth of field. The curve design on the ceiling and corner eliminates the sharp sense of turning edges and corners, bringing a more open space experience.

The original dining and kitchen area is fully open, especially adding the half-height counter design, which not only increases the use of cooking and storage space, but also divides the independent section of the kitchen, and connects the entryway area externally, extending the privacy of the entrance corridor and the sense of ceremony.

In addition, the designer uses the local retraction of the secondary bedroom to expand the width of the channel to the private area, and makes proper use of the external space to add the display cabinet; the cloth storage plan is added to the master bedroom through the incorporation of changing room, while integrating the hollow-out cabinet design to introduce the comfortable daylighting and landscape for the bedroom.

Project Need

The re-adjusted spatial layout embodies the nature and culture of the river basin with a broad spatial vision, and transforms the original defect of fragmented space into an aesthetic experience in life. The designer adopts the neat and fashionable black and white tone as the keynote, combining with the marble, wood, and other elements, to form a gentle and stable natural intermediary. The delicate plate lines, curves, and light bands are skillfully integrated into the image of warm and slow flowing water ripples, and the delicate totem of wallpaper, titanium metal, mirror, and other different materials give the delicate and elegant artistic expression.
In different situations, such as open interaction and independent living, the daily living time of residents can be in harmony with the natural riverbank landscape.

In this delicate and comfortable household field, it mainly considers the person and nature, just like the confluence and intersection of rivers, forming the intersection point of landscape, function, and art, and establishing moderate privacy and use flexibility for the layout. In different situations, such as open interaction and independent living, the daily living time of residents can be in harmony with the natural riverbank landscape.

Design Challenge

How to overcome the layout defect through design technique, and satisfy the living function and style aesthetics that the residents expect, as well as the fusion of landscape culture, to create a comfortable and exquisite household experience, is the important challenge subject of this case.


The master bedroom is incorporated with the changing room to meet the needs for clothing storage. Through the opening of cabinets, the natural lighting advantage of the bedroom area is fully brought into play, resulting in the reduction of energy usage.

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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