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We are BETTER FUTURE, a global independent design promotion organisation that oversees programs of recognition and the world’s largest network of design awards. We are led by a global community of C-suite executives who make up the members of our sister project – The BETTER FUTURE Exec Club. Our global community is now 115,000 members strong, involving over 9,600 brands and 3,100 studios - we come together to innovate, accelerate and grow demand for design. In 2022 we celebrated over $USD632B of design projects and raised the profile of over 1,556 design projects.


We like to think of ourselves as ‘champions for a better future’, our goal is to bring recognition to applied design projects that are helping us accelerate economic outcomes with a social and environmental impact. Our Award Programs are market-based, to include national and international design projects.


ASIAN Design Awards
AUSTRALIAN Design Awards
BERLIN Design Awards
EUROPEAN Design Awards
GOV Design Awards (global)
HONG KONG Design Awards
LONDON Design Awards
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MILAN Design Awards
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WILD Design Awards (global)

Coming Soon:

AFRICAN Design Awards
CHENNAI Design Awards
MIDDLE EAST Design Awards
NORDEN Design Awards
SPACE Design Awards


All our Award Programs are run annually. This means we will be holding a new Awards Program every two weeks from February to December. 


The importance of recognition. Recognition is difficult to establish inside an organisation. Staff are inherently more satisfied when they are being valued and championed. 

So often work lacks punctuation. Award recognition adds this much-needed pause and delivers enhanced job satisfaction, supplier satisfaction and customer satisfaction. External award programs like BETTER FUTURE create an important opportunity for peer acknowledgment. This kind of recognition spans a lifetime, from the moment management makes the decision to demonstrate their pride in a project and nominate into the awards program, to have the project reviewed and selected. The cycle of recognition is a cycle of pride. Team members are often worn down by the effort to deliver a project, and appreciate when a spotlight is shone on their efforts, a spotlight that says they’re valued and that the organisation is proud of their efforts. 

At BETTER FUTURE we want to facilitate these moments of recognition for everyone, which is why our motto is “we celebrate courage, excellence and diversity”.

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