BETTER FUTURE Fee Structure and Inclusions

BETTER FUTURE Awards always aim to give you more. Our flat fee structure means unlike other award programs we do not ask you to pay anything after the nomination fee is paid. In fact, we’ve now added more value, with two important developments:

Elevation of winning projects All winning projects from our Design Capital awards programs will be automatically promoted - or elevated - up to the relevant regional award, e.g. AUSTRALIAN, ASIAN, or EUROPEAN Design Awards, depending on your location. In addition, all Regional award winners will be elevated to our new global award: The WILD Design Awards. Elevation is our way of delivering even more value for your investment into the BETTER FUTURE Awards. Our project elevation is unique; unlike other award programs, there are no additional costs for projects included in the regional and global rounds. Please note that trophies are not included in Elevated nominations. During 2023 BETTER FUTURE Awards Elevated nominations by over $1M USD - our way to drive industry recognition further and establish the largest global platform for design recognition. Trophy distribution Also included within the flat-rate nomination fee, is a trophy for all winning projects. We’ve also worked hard on delivering more value here, too. The ordering process has been simplified by removing shipping fees and creating a new Award Manager address verification form: A one-click process to ensure your trophy makes its way to you.

Additional Trophy Orders

Extra trophies - and trophies for curated or elevated nominations - can also be purchased using our trophy order form. The order price includes standard shipping fees. The trophies themselves were updated in 2022 to a new, fully biodegradable edition. The trophies for each program are produced in volume, and there are now three production windows and price points.

Value Period - from the date of the winner's announcement + four weeks - Includes a 50% early-bird price reduction - shipping: 7-10 days from the end of the Value Period

Batch Period - from the end of the Value Period + three months - Trophies are full-price - shipping: 6-8 weeks from order Bespoke Production - from the end of the Batch Production Period - Full price + 50% to cover production costs - 8-10 weeks shipping from order

More Flat Fee Benefits

Our commitment to the flat fee means there are no additional fees for using the BETTER FUTURE winner’s graphics and logo and no licensing or marketing costs for winners to maximise the visibility of their win. 

All BETTER FUTURE Awards projects that are selected, shortlisted and of course winners, receive an Award Certificate (digital download). Certificate download links and access to the Award Managers Form to confirm trophy delivery details are included in the winners' notification email or via your console.

Nomination Discount Periods

Nomination fees increase as the deadlines get closer. To secure the best rates, start and pay for nominations before the staggered price increases:

Launch Period- best value

Standard Period - first price increase 

Late Period- final nomination fee

Nomination Packs

We deliver even more value by providing Nomination Packs for multiple nominations. Available for a minimum of four nominations, credits can be used across multiple categories or different award programs. With discounts of up to 30%, the packs are an excellent way to maximise returns across the BETTER FUTURE Awards. More details