Key Dates

28 April 2023 - Launch Deadline
8 June 2023 - Standard Deadline
31 August 2023 - Extended Deadline
17 November 2023 - Judging
29 November 2023 - Winners Announced

Image Credit : Ar Her Kuo Photography Studio


Project Overview

This case is located next to the art museum; so in addition to emphasizing the luxurious atmosphere and design, a large amount of natural stone is used to bring artistic texture, adding artistic flavor to the space. At the same time, an exhibition space is also planned to display artworks collected by the client. With the living environment being rich in natural textures and artworks, it brings a fresh and spiritual feeling to the residents.

The color pallet used to create this atmosphere relies on a mellow-gray shading to redirect the eye’s attention to a more aesthetically pleasing aspects. The mix of metal texture and marbles generates a unique and luxurious interior by blending itself with the light and shadows.




Chief Designer : Eiliya Hsu
Chief Designer : Francis Young

Project Brief

This redesign project aims to reform itself into a luxurious and fashionable space by presenting itself through layering from lighting techniques and textural combinations. In improving the ambiance and luxury status, the designer implemented premium marble materials to complement other aspects and add soft reflective aspects to the interior.

In the design concept of creating a unified atmosphere, the stone floor is used at the entrance to resemble the difference between the inside and outside. The divided space with the addition of a large-scale artwork display area to the left acts as a grandeur exhibition area-like gallery, creating a welcoming whiff of air and differentiating itself from a generic transition space.

The centerpiece of the living room includes a vast display wall, making the client’s collection the most beautiful embellishment on the property. The aisle wall is inclusive of the aluminum-framed glass display case, further enhancing the artistic aspect of the result of lighting and shadows. The dining table includes an entire piece of rough stone as the tabletop, creating a well-balanced mix of luxury and elegance.

The complex and diverse building materials are used to resonate the sense of luxury, complemented by metal, reflective materials, and lighting efforts. As a whole, the entire area illuminates comfort and luxury, further improving the quality of life for the clients.

Project Innovation/Need

Different from Minimalism and Wabi-Sabi, which are popular in modern residential spaces, the designer chose to use complicated design techniques to add multi-layered textures in a modern style. In incorporating the aesthetics of mason craftsmanship, and using rich material combinations to build a fashionable and luxurious space, the intended home design is also a place for the client to negotiate business. This sets off the owner's identity as the financial business director.

Design Challenge

A variety of materials are used in the interior including Italian-based paint, titanium metal, stainless steel titanium plating, artificial stone, metal plate, aluminum framed glass, and a commingle of colored glass in all rooms and kitchen areas. The cabinets of the whole house are lacquered. The master bedroom uses wooden floors and leather headboards, and the second bedroom uses Japanese wall coverings.

The redesign of this project extends the space through proper furniture placement and limiting obstructions used, creating a vast openness feel in the interior leading in all directions. The geometry, light and shadow, and a mixed texture create this transcending dancing interior, adding depth and layers to improve the display of comfort.


The whole project uses non-toxic and zero-formaldehyde paint.

The designed interior utilizes large windows, open spaces, and natural lighting to illuminate the rooms. The reflective materials in deeper parts of the room assist in light distribution, reducing the need for energy-based light sources. Most of the rooms rely on a small amount of lighting to allocate more light to different parts of the interior, naturally providing a soothing and enveloping feel to every corner of the room.

Every area benefits from different degrees of lighting usage to accommodate different use. Warm light is used to balance cold and mellow color tones within the interior.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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