Key Dates

28 April 2023 - Launch Deadline
8 June 2023 - Standard Deadline
31 August 2023 - Extended Deadline
17 November 2023 - Judging
29 November 2023 - Winners Announced


Project Overview

The site is a model apartment. The name of the project, "The Earth's Weave", comes from the color palette and atmosphere of space. The project's gentle light brown reveals the nature and warmth of the earth and suggests an overall harmony in the design. It is like a perfect painting that creates a unique atmosphere for the space.
In particular, the project aims to provide every visitor with a comfortable experience as they return home. Therefore, the light and circulation are specially planned so that the distance between the space and the people can be kept open and natural. Along with the wood grain and glass, the project's proportion of light, color, and material, blending aesthetics, functionality, and practicality, weave a beautiful picture for visitors and owners alike.


Shape space Interior Design



Project Brief

The warm tone and light intertwined, light wood and neutral tones create a cozy and natural atmosphere. The overall colors are like a well-selected palette, full of the warmth and elegance of the earth. Colors of different shades of furniture and decorations form a harmonious scene.
The glass and sliding door break the boundaries in the space. When daylight illuminates the interior, people and daylight become inseparably intertwined. Natural elements and life are closely connected, and the unquantifiable warmth is imbued with an ineffable beauty that brings a pleasurable feeling that is difficult to express in any words, as a blueprint for a better everyday life in the future.

Project Innovation/Need

Without changing the partition, the material conveys a sense of penetrating. For example, in the desk and vanity in the master bedroom, the glass sheet creates a refraction of light, and the penetrating light enhances the brightness of the social and private areas, while at the same time displaying a comfortable and grand aesthetic.

●Combination of various materials
In the large color block, a variety of materials are used to present the subtlety of color, including wood and leather, stone and iron, etc. The design team chose a color palette that is not overbearing and conveys an aesthetic of coziness. The space maintains a comfortable rhythm with human relationships, which helps to relax and calm the mind.

Design Challenge

The site is a sample apartment, so the core of the design is to satisfy the aesthetics of the majority and show the essence of the space. To satisfy most people's aesthetics is to have a soft color palette, a pure atmosphere, and creative design ideas. Given the small size of the site, the design team's understanding of the space was crucial to maximizing each of these qualities. The project is a perfect example of a sophisticated home that also meets the requirements of a model apartment.


The model apartments are not designed for "long-term living", but rather to showcase "design concepts". Given this, one of the core aspects of the project is to minimize the carbon footprint, including the selection of eco-friendly building materials and carbon reduction techniques. For example, system cabinets, water-based latex paints, and slab tiles are manufactured in a way that minimizes the negative impact on the environment, while retaining durability and an effect comparable to that of solid wood and stone. Durability reduces maintenance and replacement costs, while aesthetic performance attracts visitors to appreciate the space.
The consideration of environmental protection and sustainability is materialized in the model apartment. The design concept can gradually influence the views of the owners and future residents. The design team's environmentally responsible attitude is reflected in the high aesthetic value of the interiors in a variety of fields and levels.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  


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