Key Dates

17 November 2022 - Launch Deadline
1 December 2022 - Standard Deadline
19 December 2022 - Extended Deadline
22 December 2022 - Judging
19 January - Winners Announced

Image Credit : Andrew Worssam



Project Overview

Authenticity is at the heart of Edomae Sushi where heritage and culture is celebrated in its most simplest form.

Project Commissioner

Edomae Sushi

Project Creator

Vie Studio

Project Brief

Simplicity can be just as complex as a billion layers of ornamentation.

At first glance an undeniable wave of warmth washes over the streets of Burwood. A peculiar yet peaceful cohabitation between the modern landscape and the traditional restaurant. This is a reflective experience of Japan, where the harmony of old and new coexist.

Upon entering, the bare form of timber dominates the space yet the complexity of the timber construction pays homage to its Japanese roots. A street like ambience is evoked from the lanterns above, and the “extension” of the street tiles within the interior conjures a relationship between the inside and outside world. Edomae Sushi assembles prominent elements of Japanese culture in a minimal yet dynamic manner.

Project Innovation/Need

Burwood is in the midst of becoming a hotspot for delicious food and it was crucial for Edomae to have significance in the area. The design strategy behind the restaurant was to challenge its concrete jungle environment, a series of highrise apartments. Pushing the envelope, we proposed a clean traditional timber base design with accents of traditional Japanese art that brought a taste of old Japan to the modern streets of Burwood. Using a timber screen reminiscent of a Shoji door, a simple linear profile responds to the rigid lines of its neighbouring buildings. There’s an outdoor-like experience where the central food prep area is designed like a traditional food stall. The floor tiles mimics the paver outside drawing a connection to the interior while subconsciously pulling people in. There’s a constant relationship with the exterior environment, where the boundaries between are obscured. What makes the proposal unique is the ability to retain its authenticity whilst being able to speak to its surroundings.

Design Challenge

Whilst Edomae Sushi presents an authentic Japanese experience, there’s also the conversation of how the structure of the service would run. The restaurant was designed in a way that one can experience a sushi train or have the choice of ordering on the menu. To maintain efficiency, ipads were used for self service, the chefs at the centre could immediately pass through the food to the customer surrounding the central food prep area.

The challenge was to implement the ipad in a way that was discreet and continued to showcase the minimal Japanese way of living. Without adding a completely new element, the idea was to create an extension from the end of the dining table, a timber return that would act as a low height partition which allowed for the ipad to be fixed bare to it. Underneath the bench seat around the sushi train, ipads are recessed into a drawer to allow
for a seamless and clear bench space. The end result is a a minimal yet functional interior incorporating technology without disrupting the traditional ambience.


Inherently, authenticity and simplicity, the core idea of the proposal, naturally allowed the design to be sustainable. The space is predominantly timber and the minimal use of textured tiles limits the amount of waste produced. The timber conveys an understated look with complex construction methods that showcases Japanese's attention to detail, a space that is concerned with authenticity and functionality without unnecessary furnishings.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors where people eat and drink - this includes bars, restaurants, cafes and clubs. Judging consideration is given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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