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6 July - Launch Deadline
5 October - Standard Deadline
21 December - Extended Deadline
22 December - Judging
17 January 2024 - Winners Announced

KPMG Australia, Parramatta Workplace

Image Credit : Photography: Nicole England




Project Overview

KPMG's newly designed workplace at 3 Parramatta Square has been meticulously curated to establish a strong connection between individuals and their environment, with focus on rootedness in the local culture. This new workspace places a high value on fostering cultural bonds and social connections. Situated within a vibrant hub, it pays homage to the rich history, natural surroundings, and diverse community of the area.

This workspace serves as a sanctuary for a youthful and forward-thinking workforce, offering a unique experience for both employees and clients. The design artfully incorporates the essence of the land, sea, and sky throughout the office, spanning work areas, client facing zones, and a welcoming outdoor terrace. Infused with lively bursts of color, indigenous artwork, and cutting-edge technology integration, this new office space is poised to set entirely new standards and redefine expectations.

Project Commissioner

KPMG Australia

Project Creator

KAV Kreative


Interior Design: KAV Kreative
Design Director: Poppi Kavaratzis-Polidano
Senior Designer: Suzanne Lind

Project Brief

The challenge was straight forward:
to foster enthusiasm, unity, and a sense of community among the KPMG teams. How can we ignite their excitement for work and encourage greater collaboration?
The solution was clear-cut:
craft a modern workspace that seamlessly blends productivity and recreation. Create an environment that offers freedom, adaptability, and a connected atmosphere for both the KPMG team members and their clients.

We collaborated closely with KPMG teams to gain insights into their requirements, their organic work styles, and the ideal environment for their success. Employing strategic analysis, we translated this information into a conceptual design, and then expanded upon it by incorporating a cohesive palette.

Our design concept revolves around the harmonious fusion of land, sea, and sky, seamlessly woven into our workspaces, client-facing zones, and the captivating outdoor terrace. Vibrant color schemes, indigenous graphics, an open, naturally illuminated interior, and technology connectivity have been seamlessly integrated into this captivating workplace.

Project Innovation/Need

The new KPMG Parramatta workplace has tried to push the boundaries of innovation. We have diligently worked with our project partners to pioneer new aesthetics with products never before seen at this scale in the Australian market.

Our primary goal was to celebrate Parramatta's rich tapestry, reflecting its diverse culture, indigenous heritage, and natural splendor. This celebration is eloquently expressed through the interpretation of land, sea, and sky that permeates the entire design, offering true connections to the KPMG occupants.

A highlight of our collaboration with product designers and engineers is the representation of the 'sky' in the form of a captivating ceiling design. This design element is deeply rooted in our connection to culture and the remarkable diversity of the Parramatta community.

The concierge counter, a true sculptural masterpiece of bespoke craftsmanship, eloquently encapsulates the essence of the land with its smooth, natural contours, honoring the beauty found in natures imperfections.

The sea, depicted as a calm and fresh wall feature, presents a seamless interpretation of gentle ripples that beckon you to look beyond, inviting you to explore and discover what lies around the corner.

Throughout the workplace, you'll encounter the integration of Indigenous artworks, each a powerful reflection of the unique interpretation offered by the art students of Doonside Technology High School. These artworks serve as a constant reminder of the land's original custodians and beauty of Parramatta.

Design Challenge

Every design project we undertake presents a distinct challenge, as it revolves around the individual needs of our clients, their team members, and their organisations unique brand identity.

Our primary aim was to craft a space that authentically resonated with the KPMG Parramatta teams, fostering a profound sense of belonging and connection to place. The integration, collaboration and coordination between many professionals, on the creation of multiple bespoke joinery pieces, wall features, ceiling features, lighting design and graphics was challenging given the sheer volume of 'bespoke' that was designed within the workplace, to enable our vision to come to life.
Achieving this proved to be a multifaceted challenge.
Through unwavering dedication and a meticulous focus on both the finer details and the overarching vision, we effectively conveyed our intentions to the client and our project partners, enabling us to bring this vision to life.


Sustainability is paramount in every project we undertake. When it came to the new KPMG Parramatta workplace, our commitment to sustainability led us to prioritise local sourcing and the selection of products that offer versatility, mobility, and long-lasting durability for potential future reuse across other KPMG locations. This was highly supported by KPMG, contributing to their sustainability goals.

We are fortunate to collaborate with product suppliers who share our deep commitment to sustainability, ensuring that the products and materials we specify have a sustainable life cycle. Our design philosophy is rooted in addressing the present while considering the future, and we hold the belief that every action we take plays a crucial role in shaping a better future for our industry and our planet.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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