Key Dates

6 July 2023 - Launch Deadline
5 October 2023 - Standard Deadline
21 December 2023 - Extended Deadline
22 December 2023 - Judging
17 January - Winners Announced





Project Overview

Pendula is a proactive customer retention platform that enables businesses of all sizes to leverage the data from their existing systems of record, and layer on real-time insights from external sources to identify meaningful moments that matter to their customers. This enables them to create hyper-personalised, two-way conversations that build robust and long-lasting relationships based on empathy and trust.




Pendula’s small but mighty design team comprises one product designer and two designers, under the leadership of Georgia White. Passionate about the nexus of business and great design, Georgia has grown with the business joining the Founder Alex Colvin at the very beginning. A champion of the product vision, she is an aspiring coach and mentor, and a valued member of the leadership team having successfully supported the business throughout its growth to date. As Head of Product, Georgia is excited to grow and nurture a passionate and talented product team at Pendula and work collaboratively on launching an Australian product on a global stage.

Project Brief

In today's economic environment, business leaders are under pressure to make every dollar count. With flexible, drag-and-drop functionality, Pendula empowers Marketing and Customer Experience teams to quickly and easily build customised automated workflows that feel like 1-1 conversations with customers, at scale. This drives cross-sell and upsells, reduces churn and boosts customer lifetime value.

It can cost up to 8 times more budget to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. Businesses that are shifting their focus towards proactive customer retention and embedding active engagement strategies are able to save costs on expensive marketing tactics and outgrow their competitors.

With unrivalled feedback loops and unique, personal experiences, Pendula is on a mission to be at the heart of every conversation between businesses and their customers, turn up the volume on the customer voice and bring their needs, their preferences and desires in front of every person in the business.

Project Innovation/Need

Creating an intuitive interface for non-technical users to build data-driven customer journeys is a tricky design challenge. Pendula is created from a human-centred design standpoint, putting the user needs first.

Pendula’s unique intention layer interprets inbound messages and provides contextual information that enables multi thread two-way conversations across multiple use cases. A robust workflow engine automates communication processes and read/write access to customer data sources, seamlessly integrating customer communication with business operations.

Now in its' third iteration, the interface can be used to manage and monitor communications at campaign level whilst also being able to handle exceptions for one-to-one case management. Pendula connects to existing systems of customer records that can often be under utilised and obscured by legacy siloes. The tool enables non-technical users to elevate their owned data with real-time external data, and shine a light into key moments that matter for the actual humans behind the data points.

The integration layer is designed to onboard other ecosystems quickly for ultimate ease and granular control across channels.

Design Challenge

During user testing of Version 2 of our product, there was feedback about the limitations of the various journeys that customers wanted to build. The designers had built nodes without really considering how to build the foundational blocks first to set up for success.

After validating the feedback, our design team realised it needed to create a more flexible system based on a few core key building blocks, to create a next-generation version of the product. For V3, they revisited the foundations at an atomic level and tried to work out a repeatable, more robust way to build the product. Pendula's latest version allows users to create, manage and launch multi-stage, multi-channel two-way customer journeys as creative as their imaginations will allow.


Automation helps to reduce manual and paper-based processes within enterprise companies and Pendula's product enables these businesses to execute automated customer communications via relevant digital channels, without sending out more letters.

We have lean teams locally based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and we continue to run the business efficiently, developing our core product alongside our greenfield developments using the existing resources we already have.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for either a component or overall product. Consideration given to aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of components and materials, and the resolution of assembly, manufacturing and the overall function.
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