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storePlay - Music In Minutes




Project Overview

storePlay is the world's first App based background music service that allows music to be remotely downloaded and played on an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

storePlay provides playlists for retailers, restaurants, hair salons and other commercial premises and allows businesses to download 100% legal and tailored playlists for their stores and venues.


Marketing Melodies Pty. Ltd.


WeAreDigital, storePlay & Marketing Melodies

Project Brief

Marketing Melodies have had a successful business supplying music services and physical CDs of music to retailers, restaurants, hair salons and other commercial premises for the past 25 years. In a challenging market and with technology moving at a rapid pace, they identified that they need to move with the times.

WeAreDigital were engaged to transform the Marketing Melodies’ business model to make it faster, more cost efficient, and a better and more enjoyable experience for their customers (stores) and their customers’ customers (shoppers).

Project Need

The result of this partnership between Marketing Melodies and WeAreDigital is storePlay. storePlay is the world’s first app-based music subscription service – a one-stop-shop for businesses’ music needs – including all royalties and public performance fees.

The service provides new monthly playlists and allows businesses to download 100% legal and tailored playlists for their stores and venues.

The project truly integrates digital into the physical bricks-and-mortar space and works with the retailers to provide a more time and cost efficient way of bringing music to the in-store environment.

Simple to use, storePlay is compatible with iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. Playlists are downloaded to the clients nominated device every month and music is stored within the app (not streamed), meaning an internet connection is only required when downloading new music.

Customers can subscribe to any combination of the nine playlists, which cover genres from Pop, Easy Listening, Cool Cuts, Groove, Party Pop, Commercial Dance, Deep House, PPCA (Phonographic Performance Company of Australia) Free Easy/Jazz & PPCA Free Grooves.

In addition to providing music, storePlay can also manage the complicated licensing and public performance fees that all businesses are required to pay. For example, most people aren’t aware that it is illegal to have Spotify or even a copied CD playing in the background of a shop, café, gym, hairdresser or even an office. storePlay is 100% legal and has the support of all the major record labels.

User Experience

storePlay allows store managers to customise the music playing in their store based on individual store demographics and specific trading times. All music is programmed by Marketing Melodies and approved by head office, however staff can select their favourite songs to hear more of the tunes they and their customers like and skip the songs they don't like. Staff can also choose to play more upbeat songs when the shop gets busier or they can create a more relaxed audio environment during quieter periods.

storePlay can also be used as a customer-facing interface in mobile interactive areas within the store. As an example, iPads could be wall mounted in the change rooms allowing customers to select songs from a curated playlist while they are trying on outfits.

Another benefit of storePlay's app-based technology is its ability to constantly evolve. Push notifications and video content are just some of things that could be incorporated into the storePlay app at a later stage.

In July storePlay plans to launch a limited range of programs internationally.

Project Marketing

We have had a 2 tier marketing strategy to engage customers.

We engaged a PR company to promote the launch and service, some of the results included features in the Financial Review, BRW, B&T, Adnews, Retail Biz, Anthill Online, Style Icons, Appliance Retailer, Greetings & Gifts, Retail World, Beauty Biz & Restaurant and Catering.

Read some of our Press here - http://storeplay.com.au/media

We have also engaged a telesales team to contact independent retailers to sell the storePlay subscription service, while our CEO, Dean Cherny, worked with retail chains on bespoke programming and solutions.

Project Privacy

The storePlay website & App use best practice for customer privacy,
• Partnering with eWay, we use tokens for credit card details, so no details are stored on the website
• Our server is hosted by Web24 in Australia under Australian privacy laws
• Any communication between the storePlay App & server is encrypted
• All customer details are encrypted on both the storePlay App & server

To prevent piracy we had to meet various requirements for the record companies including,
• Account fraud detection must be implemented
• Audio files must be encrypted with AES-128 or better
• Files may not contain metadata and the file names must be obfuscated
• The audio files must expire if the subscription expires
• The files were not to be playable outside of the application, if the files are extracted by jailbreaking the device
• Had to register devices to an account so that only one device at a time can be associated with an account
• The files were not to be transferable to other Apps/devices

This category relates to applications that are themed around music and performance.

This should be a gloves off battle between streaming services, algorithims, and human curated content creation.  Time to enter your app and see whose app reigns supreme.

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