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ReccoFriend - Don't just recommend





Project Overview

The App that Pays you!- Reccofriend is a social marketing app that pays you to market participating outlets to your friends. You know better than anyone what type of dining and shopping experiences your friends like, so join ReccoFriend and we’ll pay you for your insight.


Reccofriend Pty Ltd


The team consits of the following:

Mr.Aniket Diwadkar
Mr.Nikhil Patodekar
Mr.Adrian O'Dea
Mr.Samir Sheikh

Project Brief

ReccoFriend is a social marketing App that pays you for connecting and sharing with friends.

People are 4 times more likely to buy a product or service if it is recommended by someone that they know. While most of us share our experiences with our friends and dear ones, we, knowingly or unknowingly advocate products and services to our friends. According to the New York Times, 65% of all new business comes from referrals and ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing could be driving billions of dollars in sales.

ReccoFriend has developed a unique solution that helps users recommend places to their friends and get rewarded for it. Users can redeem their rewards for cash or donate it to an associated charity partner.
The company has already signed up restaurants in Melbourne and is increasing its partner base across the city.

Project Need

ReccoFriend provides a ‘Word of Mouth’(WOM) marketing platform for businesses to connect with their customers.Our survey found that an overwhelming number of Restaurant owners identified satisfied customers and WOM as the primary drivers for their business.
While 'Word of Mouth' marketing is known to be a very effective form of marketing, most of WOM happens in person or over the phone.
There is no platform that aids WOM marketing or effectively tracks its efficacy.
For the first time consumers have a platform that rewards them for sharing with their friends.And , ReccoFriend points can be redeemed in cash which gives you the freedom to spend it however you like.All you need is your smartphone!

Benefits for Businesses:
- Connect and communicate with their customers
- Allow happy customers to refer the place to their friends
- Get new customers
- No bulk discounting
- Smash marketing costs

Benefits to Users:
- Free App that Pays you !
- Get rewarded for sharing with your friends
- Get genuine referrals for Restaurants/Cafes from people you know and trust.No need to rely on reviews from people you don't know .
- Get paid in Cash( No discount cards/coupons)
- Keep Cash or donate to a partner charity(Earn Free Good Karma!)

User Experience

The ReccoFriend app is available on Google Play store and the Apple App Store and is FREE TO DOWNLOAD.
Users can signup by simply entering a username and password or Signing Up using Facebook.

Once signed up:
1)Users create a user profile with their detail and a profile pictuer
2)Users can invite their friends to join ReccoFriend or connect with friends already on the platform by sending a 'Friend Request' . A connection is established when a Friend Request is 'Accepted'
3)Users earn points by scanning a code at a participating store. The first time they scan a code at a place, the place gets added to their 'My Places'
4)Once a place is added to 'My Places' users can refer it to one or more of their friends.
This means you can only refer a place that you have been to atleast once.Also you can only refer it to someone who is your 'Friend' on the platform. This allows for genuine referrals and from people that you know and trust.
5) If you are the first person to refer a place to someone, you earn points for every transaction they at that place.
6) Points can be redeemed for cash or can be donated to a participating outlet

Project Marketing

ReccoFriend is social marketing platform that rewards users to recommend participating outlets to their friends.

The strategy is to position the service as the loyalty and rewards platform for the merchant(restaurant/cafe) . This would allow patrons to be introduced to the platform on site (restaurant/Cafe).

Online social platforms (Facebook,twitter,reddit etc.) combined with engaging content( Reccofriend campaign videos, contests and images) will provide users a platform to interact with ReccoFriend and its team .

The service is also a 'Word of Mouth' platform that allows users to connect with their friends and the cornerstone of our marketing strategy 'Word of Mouth' . Users can send email and free text invites to their friends to connect with them .

Project Privacy

Reccofriend Privacy policy is in line with the privacy Act

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