2015 [app] design awards AUS

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Project Overview

quint app creates personalised prints, quotes + invites from a contemporary urban designer range with an RSVP tracker sent digitally or professionally printed to card and canvas.


Quint Design


As a sole trader Graphic Designer, I have two businesses. Black Swatch is the design studio and Quint Design is the online personalised prints and canvases business. With almost 20yrs in the graphic design industry it has been exciting to design and create something out of the square for me. I came up with the concept and designed every single user interface in photoshop. All the photography used in the templates was shot by me. It has been a 2 year adventure from start to finished App.

Project Brief

Quint App was created to enable the customers to input their own content and visuals using a designer template to share their creations with their friends and families and feel like they have a design piece to be proud of. quint app creates personalised prints, quotes + invites from a contemporary urban designer range with an RSVP tracker sent digitally or professionally printed to card and canvas.

Product Highlights
• Customisable for multiple event/print uses
• RSVP tracker
• Contemporary urban designer templates
• Linked to all main social media portals
• Low cost AU$2.49
• User friendly Interface
• Can use own images if preferred
• Can send for free digitally or pay for professional printing on card or canvas, delivered worldwide.
• 3% of profits from sales will go to Neuroblastoma Australia for research into Childhood cancer.

Project Need

The way in which quint App is innovative, is that it enables the user to have a complete design experience without having to leave the app interface and the ability to share digitally or have prints/canvases delivered right to their door worldwide. All designs and prints ordered are done within the app, therefore no need to go and order or finish order process on the web like some competitors. Allowing people to feel like "they are the designers", giving them the boundaries to stick within to keep it looking great by using templates and design placements to uphold the design standards. The colour palette is also contemporary and muted to ensure designs continue to look good. The photography used is something I did to ensure that the backgrounds were unique, different and one off's unlike using royalty free images.
The user can select a design template, input their text and choose to use my photography or their own, scale it, put filters on it, choose a size for prints or canvases and then share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS, email or order online prints and canvases which are deliver worldwide to their door. The can use all text lines, or just the ones the want to ensure flexibility.

User Experience

The user engages with the project by creating something from their own life. Whether it be party invitations, Save the Date posts, Instagram posts or quotes, corporate invitations or events, or just a personal message to a friend. They are sharing experiences in a well designed way to engage with their friends, family or staff.

Project Marketing

The vision I have for quint app is that it becomes the number 1 app for users to choose when wanting to create invitations, posts, canvases and messages. I want them to use it because they feel proud of their creations and find it easy and hassle free to create and also quick!

The target audience is based in the lifestyle market. Predominately females aged between 18-50. The female that has a busy life, likes stylish home décor, isn’t a designer but appreciates designed pieces. Marital status is not relevant; but life stage is: newly engaged and women with children would most likely be frequent repeat users as wedding and child related events drive repeat usage. E.g. save the dates; invites; announcements; birthdays and birthdate keepsakes.

• Create a quint community of followers for exposure for further apps. Get users involved in competitions and featured posts on instagram.
• In app purchases after 6 months
• Donate 3% to Neuroblastoma Australia (Childhood Caner)

Project Privacy

Yes all legal documentation can be found http://www.quintdesign.co/?page_id=2

Exactly as it states - we're looking for the best startup projects. Startup projects need to be newly emerging, less than 5 million users and less than 3 years old.
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