Project Overview

Based on a steampunk parallel world view, the Big Bang series of watches from Agelocer is a stylish mechanical watch equipped with a dial, multiple overlapping hands and hollow window structure.The product combines precision machinery with creativity, allowing users to explore the mystery of time in the steampunk world through the watch.



Project Brief

Inspired by the steampunk world of parallel time and space, the Big Bang series of watches from Agelocer embody the brand's philosophy of "craftsmanship and creativity".
The hands moving in the multi-layered dial are like steam locomotives moving through a jungle of steel.
The 24-hour Arabic digital dial corresponds to the non-stop flywheel of the steam engine.
The hollow window on the right side of the dial forms a mask over the minute hand, visually converting the circular motion into a top-down vertical one, which symbolizes the consumption and reduction of industrial energy.
The spinning gears indicate the rapid passage of time, and the parallel, multi-layered dial structure creates a steampunk world on the watch.

Project Innovation/Need

Agelocer has always been focusing on the the needs of young people. This product incorporates the perfect overhead steampunk world of iron and steel into its design, providing a broader space for imagination and thought through creative design. The inspiration comes from reality but not limited to it, affirming the possibility of multiple value orientation.
In the meantime, it changes the design styles of traditional mechanical watch dials through its design of fantastic dial and multi-layered overlapping hands. We have unprecedentedly integrated brand values and sophisticated mechanical structure in a stylish and creative way. It better conveys the brand's philosophy to consumers and establishes a distinctive image of a stylish mechanical watch.

Design Challenge

In the design process, we encountered two difficulties:
First of all, we need to effectively express the importance of keeping moving forward with the passage of time. We experimented with a variety of approaches, including levers and dovetails, and eventually adopted the method of masking to show the passage of time. The design makes us feel every moment of life and gives us a sense of urgency to cherish time.
Secondly, we need to develop a subtle multi-layer dial and consider hand insertion. In order to make the hand move orderly on the dial, we must control the thickness and height of each layer of dial and the height of hand, and reserve enough space. This is a unique and unprecedented practice. After countless tests and adjustments, we have finally found a solution.


Agelocer is committed to reducing the carbon footprint in the production process by practicing sustainable development from infrastructure. When a consumer purchases an Agelocer’s product, he or she is investing in sustainable products. Our products have timeless design, exquisite appearance, and long service life, and they will be classic products even after years of use. We have never considered fast consumption, but hope to provide consumers with a more desirable quality at a more cost-effective price.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for either a component or overall product. Consideration given to aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of components and materials, and the resolution of assembly, manufacturing and the overall function.
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