Project Overview

As if an elegant and charming dialogue between a gentleman and a lady, the space conveys a unique style of nobility and intellectuality. This hundred-level-ground space is a secluded villa located in the city's suburbs and is filled with expectations of a family of three. The designer drew inspiration from the male owner’s preferred modern elements, the classical, elegant, and fashionable features the female owner and her daughter loved, and created a luxury-themed space. Through delicate design methods, exquisite mix-and-match of various materials, and the set up of the owner’s collectibles, a unique living space that shows luxury and aesthetic is created.





Project Brief

Colors and lines are the key elements and aesthetic features of this space. The high ceiling is decorated with arc shapes, metal trims, and delicate carvings to send out a unique and exquisite vibe. Meanwhile, the open-end public area is spread out with classic low-chroma black, white, and gray colors. The room is decorated with a mix of stone, wire panel, metal, and high-transparency materials, as well as exquisite furnishings and gorgeous lightings, which have all embodied the modern and classical overall style.
As for the private area, each theme is tailor-made according to preferences and expressed in bright colors. The master bedroom has combined the couple’s favorite elements in a modern, simple, and classic manner. For example, the eye-catching and contrasting colors, metal trims that break away from the black-and-white theme, and the Monet stone-made television wall. At the same time, the dressing room and make-up area are designed to meet the owner’s fashion taste. A large-scale leather-covered façade in a Hermes orange is combined with functionality to turn the area into a showroom.
On the other hand, the daughter’s semi-luxury-themed room is decorated in soft colors with various line panels and bandage frames to layer the site. The unique make-up area and the bathroom are both outlined with aesthetic and elegance. They are decorated with delicately carved doors, modern lightings, and a lazy and romantic hanging chair.

Project Need

The design team upheld the concept that a great design should be a combination of aesthetics and functionality. Since the family loves to travel and shop and has an extraordinary taste in fashion and art, they own many collectibles that need to be stored. Hence, the designers created a luxurious and elegant spatial feeling for the hundred-level-ground villa while satisfying the functional requirements of the users.
By reorganizing the configuration, the recessed corners of façades and the fragmented spaces under beams and staircases are cleverly transformed into storage spaces. Meanwhile, the basement garage’s walls are set up with profound overhead cabinets and a storage room hidden behind the mirror sliding door. As for the living and dining room, a glass showcase framed with metal is designed on the television wall and under the staircase, adding a dazzling touch to the site. In addition, white cabinets with simple linear are set up on the kitchen’s remaining ceilings to create movements visually. Meanwhile, a make-up area is constructed in the blank spaces, while the daughter’s room has given the user various functions, such as reading, display, and storage space under the beams. The overall is carefully built with hidden delicacies to achieve the perfect realization of beauty, function, and design in one go.

Design Challenge

Embodying the new-luxurious style, this project has adopted a high degree of difficulty in linear and material changes. The framing technique of the internal glass display cabinets and the arc-shaped corners of the piano room’s mirrors are incredibly challenging as well. Hence, the designers have measured the proportions thoroughly and perfected the details in the standard of meticulous artistry. Unlike typical heights of residences, all floors in this residence are initially equipped with height advantage. The designers have utilized this condition by extending the ceilings, doors, and cabinets to create richness.
Nevertheless, a deformation problem caused by the height during the implementation needed to be overcome. Therefore, metal elements are used to support the door piece to enhance safety and stability structurally. Furthermore, exterior materials and design techniques have echoed each other to give the space aesthetic, functionality, and safety while embodying the concept of a dignified and elegant living experience.


This project differs from the stereotype that “glamour is a waste.” The selection of materials and design methods are practical and durable, such as the ceilings, the stacking of panels on the façade, the glass-made showcases, and the heightened doors. These items are all created with precise techniques to enhance the safety and stability of the overall and reduce damage to the environment caused by materials and unnecessary waste of resources. Many eco-friendly green materials are used for the interior, which supports environmental sustainability, users’ health, and safety. The open-end configuration complements the use of lightings, glasses, and mirrors; meanwhile, hollowed gratings and shelves subtly create transparent natural lightings and efficient ventilation. All ingenuities can reduce electricity use for lighting and electrical appliances, which further achieve energy saving and carbon reduction. The elegant and luxurious space co-exists with the environment and society by dedicating positive effects in the long term.

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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