Project Overview

This case is a single-story residence in congregate housing. The original three-bedroom layout was still in line with the owner-phased needs. Except for planning the open public areas, so we made the disposition of separate units such as the master bedroom, children's bedroom, and study combining dressing room, as well as kitchen and two bathrooms.




Design Director : CHEN, LI-GHI

Project Brief

In the public field, including the entryway area, we used a wide range of simple rustic and warm earth color systems to lay the foundation for space and functional cabinets. They are like to have a gray-scale clear water film coating with mottled texture and hand-made temperature. Its deep wood and the stone-like beauty resistant plate applied to the main facade of the TV wall in the living room reconcile a residential atmosphere with pressure-free, healing, and functional comfort.

Project Innovation/Need

The long wall extending from the entryway mirror wall to the living room is a significant block for the integration and storage of the public domain. Designers combined neat line structure, high-quality system plate, black-and-white two-color contrast, and local advance and retreat difference design to create an extensive comprehensive volume with practicability and modern beauty. It echoes with the stone-like pattern of the left backlight TV wall and the lower edge linear low platform. On the whole, we filtered unnecessary decoration, master the excellent proportion of pleasing to the eye, and then improve the modern style with simplicity, low limit, and humanization as the primary axis.

Design Challenge

Single space multi-function setting was one of our positive methods to enlarge the space scale and increase the fun of life. Among them, the dressing room combining study transformed from one room was the most representative. First, we set an L-shaped open shelf cabinet along the wall. The cabinet has equipped with a combination of zoning functions such as a metal pull basket, crossbar, pull-drawer, movable grid shelf, and lamp belt lighting. Therefore, the four-season clothes, accessories, leather goods, and other living utensils can be orderly and stick out a mile, creating the maximum practical storage benefit in a limited space. We also placed the long-sized reading table extending from the cabinet in the room close to the wall. The table surface and the below wall, choosing to paste wallpaper similar to the wall pattern in the public domain. In addition to being easy to clean, repair, or subsequent replacement, it also inherits the concise design style echoed inside and outside.


We have selected the materials used in the whole case in considering the weather resistance, beauty, health, non-toxicity, and easy maintenance. For example, the warm gray and architectural concrete coatings that we applied on a large scale in the public domain are beautiful, pure and odorless, and repairable. In terms of hardware, we adopted the meticulous collocation of high-efficiency system cabinets made of traditional wood. In addition, the exquisite royal blue soft stretch craftsmanship at the headboard of the master bedroom is also one of the highlights that adds to the private sentiment.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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