ATLAS Workplace (Customized Project for P&G Headquarters)

Image Credit : all images courtesy of TCC Studio


Project Overview

ATLAS, a leading commercial office asset operator in China, is committed to building a whole chain, whole customer and whole category service ecology of commercial office assets, and become a unique new benchmark in the commercial office management industry. According to the corporate culture of "relying on and supporting each other", the designer fully considers the feelings and use habits of the employees in the design of the space, and emphasizes putting people first.

Project Commissioner

P&G (China)

Project Creator

ATLAS (China) Limited


Jianyang Zhang, Zhaowen Zhou Team

Project Brief

The overall design focuses on the layers, light and shadow, aesthetic feeling, functionality, and the integration of art and contemporary aesthetics, shaping a rich spatial form. Multi-level visual images are formed from different angles and distances. Free and smooth foot traffics create different forms of cooperation. While meeting the office needs, they can also carry the social contact space attributes, ensure the optimization of the functions and highlight the brand personality, and create an affordable luxury, textured, and inclusive space.

Project Innovation/Need

The warm-tone-based space is decorated with light blue and bright orange colors. The color collocation is harmonious and elegant, adding vitality to the space. The space is separated into the lobby, mobile office area, fixed office area, conference room and telephone room. There are no physical partition walls in the office area of each department and the public area. They are separated by mobile partition decorations to facilitate future space utilization and adjustment. The unbounded spatial layout makes the foot traffics of the space more free and smooth, and virtually strengthens the communications and exchanges between colleagues. Integrating some inherent fixed functions into each office area so that the employees can use them at any time, can share the spaces and resources of different functions and save the operating costs of the enterprise.

Design Challenge

The main challenge is to create a high-quality office experience for employees from work, life to social, and make the way of work more flexible and comfortable. The lobby area alone has a reception area, open area, semi-open area and small conference room. The reception area can also be taken as a bar, where staff can eat in the open area. The French window bears the LOGO of the enterprise. The semi-open office seat area is separated by three arches, where the employees can quietly enjoy the scenery outside the window. The small meeting room separated by the glass door is suitable for meeting guests and making negotiations. While the space keeps privacy, the free atmosphere outside the door can make the negotiations more relaxed and pleasant. The lobby lighting is the superposition and deformation of the corporate LOGO. The colorful LOGO wall displays the corporate slogans, and the exclusive marks that can be seen everywhere emphasize the corporate culture while beautifying the space.


The ground of the fixed office area takes bright colors, which like bursting inspirations weaken the tense atmosphere. Each section is divided in different colors, making the space smart and lively. Each area is equipped with green plants to purify the air and facilitate environmental protection. The space lighting is automatically controlled. They are purchased and installed according to the LEED environmental protection certification standards, to reduce energy loss.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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