Key Dates

14 July 2022 - Launch Deadline
19 October 2022 - Standard Deadline
13 January - Extended Deadline
17 January - Judging
9 February - Winners Announced

Image Credit : Images are taken by Alan Tan


Project Overview

It is a large-scale outdoor design case of an art installation. It is 8 meters high, 30 meters wide and 6 meters deep, located on the roof at the top of the cliff facing the river. It is demanding to express the image and connotation of the high-end real estate project named "cloud". As the image of the real estate project representative, to help the promotion and sales of housing.


Chong Qing Shen Sheng Space Aesthetics


Chong Qing Shen Sheng Space Aesthetics is the vice president of CHINA BUILDING DECORATION ASSOCIATION (CBDA). We have completed many excellent projects in China, Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.
In the fields of landscape design, architectural design, interior decoration design, Shen Sheng has successfully acquired awards including Germany's Red Dot Award, Germany's IF Award, Italy's A 'Design Award, the United States IDA Design Award and other design awards.

Project Brief

"Cloud" has special aesthetic value and symbolic significance in the East. In religion and culture, there are very distinct ways of expression and meaning.
It is a real estate project centered on "cloud". With lines, colors, and shapes, the designer creates a cloud form in line with the Oriental aesthetic. At the same time, through the interaction of cloud, water, and smoke in the environment, a spatial conception representing the characteristics of the project and easy to be understood by the audience is created. In addition to creating a beautiful space environment, the designer also increases the popularity and recognition of the project.

Project Innovation/Need

The designer satisfies the client's needs in both aesthetic value and commercial value.

Aesthetic value:
The designers used polygonal metal frames of different sizes to connect to each other, creating a curved cloud shape. Through the holes in the clouds, one can see the mountains on the other side and the river at the foot.

The designer arranges a thin pool and a smoke device in the environment of the cloud device, creating Oriental beauty and a sense of advancing through the interaction of cloud, water and smoke.

The device is equipped with a light source that can control changes in color and brightness, creating a crystal clear, flowing light wave effect at night.

Commercial Value:
This landscape is located on the top of a hill by the river, and it has wide visibility under the night light effect, becoming a striking environmental symbol, which greatly helps the publicity and promotion of the project.

Design Challenge

As the installation is designed for long-term outdoor use, the designers chose a metal frame made of stainless steel for the combination. With 50000 frames of different sizes, hard materials are used to represent the curves of the clouds. At the same time, it also ensures the overall structure is simple, stable, safe and easy to maintain.

Meanwhile, 15,000 CNC light sources are used to control the color and brightness, so that the device at night presents a dynamic effect of light and shadow flow and a crystal-clear overall image.


Clouds are an important subject of expression all over the world. There are a lot of descriptions of clouds in poetry and paintings. However, sculptures and architectural soils that represent clouds in the three-dimensional form are very rare.

As a long-used outdoor installation, the designer uses an ordinary stainless-steel frame to construct the abstract form of the cloud. With the dynamic effect of the smoke device, and the CNC light source to create the flow and change of light, under the reflection of the thin pool, the designer creates a different mood of day and night. This design is a successful attempt in terms of a cloud symbol with simple material, a stable structure.

This award celebrates innovative and creative design for environmental projects. Consideration given to materials, finishes, sustainablility and environmental impact.
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