Key Dates

3 August 2023 - Launch Deadline
19 October 2023 - Standard Deadline
11 January - Extended Deadline
19 January - Judging
7 February - Winners Announced

Image Credit : CHEN, CHUNG-CHEN


Project Overview

Our project represents the pinnacle of modern design, marrying efficiency, flexibility, and high-quality specifications to create an ideal living space. With large glass curtains that allow natural light to flood the room, we've created a warm and inviting environment that seamlessly blends Japandi styles with natural materials for comfort and enjoyment. Our approach is both practical and beautiful, promoting spiritual well-being and enhancing overall quality of life. This is more than just a living space, it's a design statement that represents the best of what modern living can be.

Project Commissioner

han-bau Construction Co., Ltd.

Project Creator

China University of Technology/ShiuanYuan Group



Project Brief

The idea behind the design of this space is to keep things simple and minimalistic, which is a current trend in Japanese design. The overall goal is to create a spacious area that allows daily life to be the main decoration of the home. Natural light is utilized to enhance the spatial perception and create a sense of openness. The grille design helps to reduce any feelings of oppressiveness in the space and makes it more comfortable for the dwellers. Overall, the design concept is focused on creating a visually pleasing and functional space for daily life.

Project Innovation/Need

The design features a beautiful combination of simple lines and natural elements that perfectly capture the essence of Japanese style. The warm color scheme is enhanced by the addition of wood, which adds a vibrant touch to the overall aesthetic. The use of glass curtains allows for plenty of natural light to filter into the room, creating an atmosphere of peace and calmness. The design is seamlessly cohesive while also prioritizing comfort and functionality.

Design Challenge

The space was designed with careful consideration of spatial function and planning. The layout is versatile and can accommodate a variety of needs and activities. The use of light-transmitting and non-transmitting grille patterns creates a visual barrier that adds to the functionality of the space. The design is minimalist and enhances the overall aesthetic. The color scheme was selected with the intention of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Overall, the space is adaptable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. This designer overcomes space limitations by creating a small yet fully functional space that caters to users' needs for life, entertainment, leisure, and work. The space is designed to maximize spatial efficiency and includes various features to provide daily life management services. It's no longer just a single-purpose space, but a versatile area for all dwellers’ needs.


When designing a project, it is crucial to take social responsibility into account. The reason being that the impact of the design project can significantly affect people's lives and the environment. Therefore, meeting expectations while prioritizing sustainability is essential. This involves utilizing natural light and ventilation and reducing resource depletion. The primary objective is to establish a comfortable and healthy environment for various activities, ensuring a sustainable world for future generations.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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