Key Dates

3 August 2023 - Launch Deadline
19 October 2023 - Standard Deadline
11 January - Extended Deadline
19 January - Judging
7 February - Winners Announced


Project Overview

The “2023 Salt Sculpture Art Festival" is promoting sustainable environmental protection. To achieve this, artists have spent three months cleaning up more than 15 tons of sea waste. They have then used this waste to create beautiful artworks, using materials such as driftwood, oyster frames, oyster shells, and floats. These artworks are now on display at the exhibition venue with nighttime projection lighting, creating a scenic spot for the public to take photos. This activity experience echoes the Taiwan Lantern Festival activities, providing a diversified and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Project Commissioner

Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Headquarters

Project Creator

Modern Design Management Consultant Co.,Ltd.



Project Brief

The 2023 Salt Sculpture Art Festival was held at Tainan's Qigu Salt Mountain and Qigu Visitor Center. The Coastal National Scenic Area spans across Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan, and offers beautiful sandy beaches, rich agricultural and fishery industries, and unique views of salt fields and wetlands. The team drew inspiration from these elements of salt and fisheries, along with a variety of materials from the area, and combined them with the idea of sustainable development to create a landscape artwork that promotes sustainability and environmental friendliness. In contrast to previous years, when the exhibition was held in the summer, the "2023 Art Season" was moved to the winter to coincide with other events like the "Tainan 400" and "Taiwan Lantern Festival in Tainan". The festival is scheduled to take place during major holidays such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, and Lantern Festival. Through its series of activities and festivals, the Tainan Lantern Festival provides a "multiplier effect" for the public with a combination of education and sightseeing opportunities. This boosts tourism, promotes the local food and beverage, lodging, and transportation industries, and increases employment opportunities for local residents, thus revitalizing the local economy.

Project Innovation/Need

Sea Waste Landscape Art presents four unique artworks - "A Whale’s Vision", "Circle of Life", " Under the Sea", and "The Calculation of Love" - with the aim of raising awareness about ocean sustainability and promoting ecological conservation through the medium of art. The 4-foot-long " A Whale’s Vision " collaborates with the artist and local oyster farmers. The whale's belly is crafted from strings of oyster shells, while the waves on the sea's surface are represented by floats, and the whale's tail is assembled from sea waste collected and linked together. Each piece of marine waste tells a different story, serving as a reminder of people's impact on the ocean and the importance of environmental protection. Standing 7 feet tall, "Circle of Life" is constructed from driftwood, which has been repurposed from the original sea waste. Dead branches of the sea waste are placed on the soil to symbolize the efforts of people to sustain life, even in harsh environments. "Under the Sea" is a unique screen made up of driftwood, creating a diverse array of underwater creatures, accompanied by interlacing light and shadow, reconstructing a 3-degree space as if one is in a reef. Finally, "The Calculation of Love" is an abacus made of oyster huts and floating balls. It is uniquely combined to present "1314520", which is a harmonic expression of "I love you for a lifetime", conveying the importance of love and the environment.

Design Challenge

The Salt Sculpture Art Festival is a one-of-a-kind event that features the Salt Sculpture Art Curatorial Exhibition as its key protagonist. It is a mesmerizing display of white art that is unparalleled in Taiwan and the world. Every year, visitors can immerse themselves in a unique sensory experience that is different from anything they have seen before. This year's festival is particularly special as it has collaborated with Sanrio to create nine exquisite salt sculptures. These sculptures blend well-known characters with the local culture of sothern Taiwan’s cities, creating a stunning display of artisanal craftsmanship. The main sculpture of the exhibit, "Tainan 400. The Past and Present," is a record-breaking masterpiece. It stands over 5 meters tall and measures about 8 meters in width, making it the largest salt sculpture ever created. The sculpture is a breathtaking representation of Tainan's 400-year history, showcasing famous landmarks such as the Qigu Visitor Center, Chikan Tower, Anping Tree House, and future technological attractions like Southern Taiwan Science Park and MRT. Visitors will be transported through time as they witness the past and future of Tainan. The sculpture is a beautiful and thought-provoking work of art that encapsulates the essence of the Salt Sculpture Art Festival.


The 2023 Salt Sculpture Art Festival in Taiwan is not going to be just another art festival. The team behind it has taken a unique approach, focusing on environmental sustainability, green energy, and ocean conservation. With Taiwan being surrounded by the sea, the team has taken into account the large amount of marine waste that is stranded on the beaches during the typhoon season. They plan to use this waste to create a unique landscape art that not only demonstrates the pursuit of beauty but also expresses their concern for the sustainable development of the earth. Through this art, the team hopes to inspire the public to care about the health of the earth and take steps towards promoting a sustainable future for society. This art is a powerful way to showcase the impact of human activities on the environment and the importance of taking care of our planet. It's an opportunity for the public to engage with these important issues and explore solutions to the challenges we face.

This award celebrates innovative and creative design for a temporary building or interior, exhibition, pop up site, installation, fixture or interactive element. Consideration given to materials, finishes, signage and experience.
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