Project Overview

Sitting in the Taiwan High Speed Rail station zone in Tainan, a city weaved by rails, a pace-slowing green manor is born. Connecting human and nature through balconies; bringing in lights and views through grille design, a living environment suitable for all ages is crafted. Through cleverly used textures and well-scattered space and dimensions, the sunlight is introduced into daily life from different angles, adding layers to the urban landscape.





Project Brief

The overall interior lighting is well-managed. Dark wooden texture and off-white marble as the main color tone gives off an urban modern style. The living room and the dining room was separated through different usages of textures on the ceiling and height difference on the floor. Contrast between dark-colored TV wall and light-colored sofa wall combined with indirect lighting not only creates a stable yet relaxing spatial tension but also strengthen the momentum within the area. Round-shaped warm color lightings sprinkled around like stars and the moon, decorating the room as well as merging together into the picture. Classic relief sculpted on the bedroom wall along with twill wood planks laid on the floor create an extraordinarily graceful taste in the private part of the house.

Project Need

Different from other design among the region, this case turns villa estate into the owners’ private manors, owning the best view in the city. Convenient transportation and suburb tranquility make it perfect for a comfortable life. In the developing zone where skyscrapers are rising, it offers every family a place to live with ease and comfort. Through design, the land and the people are connected and relationships are formed in urban life. Top building materials from all over the world are used; solar panels are installed and the concept of environmental friendliness is practiced, elevating aesthetic taste of life from the inside out.

Design Challenge

Aside from the design that brings in more sunlight, the designer installed solar panels, taking advantage of long sunshine hours of southern Taiwan. Not only does it block direct sunlight from heating up the building, it also converts solar energy into household electricity, accomplishing multiple benefits and sustainability.


Starting from choosing energy saving materials, the designer strove to achieve a friendly balance with the environment. It is intended for the residents to feel the carefulness of material selecting and also the message of “high efficiency, no waste, no over decorate.”

Due to massive consumptions of natural resources, the earth is gradually worn out. A wide area of windows was put on the facade, letting the air flow through smoothly. It is located in front of the park where is rich in green so that the community could breathe in phytoncide. With smooth air flow and the solar panels on the roof that absorb the sunlight heat, the room temperature naturally drops, reducing the use of air-conditioner and the reliance of the electricity, which create sustainable energy cycle for the next generation.

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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