2013 Australian Craft Awards

About The Australian Craft Awards

The Craft Awards represent the diversity and culture of the Australian craft industry.

"Tomorrow is the result of yesterdays courage. That is why we celebrate courage"
Mark Bergin, Creative Director

Presented by design100.


The aim of the Craft Awards is to:

  • Celebrate those who produce excellent craft works.
  • Celebrate those who sponsor, fund or commission craft projects.
  • Promote and encourage participation and conversation in all aspects of craft.


  • Craftsmen
  • Artists
  • Students
  • Designers & Decorators
  • Craft Events
  • Craft Publications
  • Craft Retailers

Entry Process

Entries are submitted online and reviewed by the advisory panel to ensure they meet entry criteria. Once an entry is shortlisted, it is published on the Craft Awards site and is then available for public and peer viewing, comment and voting.

Assessment Process

The Assessment Process involves an expert judging panel, members of the craft industry and people from the craft marketplace. Award winners are not determined by popularity but rather by their overall rating.