Key Dates

9 May - Launch Deadline
27 June - Standard Deadline
25 July - Late Deadline
30 August - Judging
2 October - Winners Announced


Project Overview

ANTA Ice Armor Down Coat is committed to providing expedition teams with advanced warmth and protection. The coat features aerospace-grade polyimide fabric and premium 95 goose down filling to maximize warmth while maintaining lightness and comfort. Incorporating water-repellent fabrics and zips, along with a 3D cut hood, ensures comprehensive protection in extreme environments such as extreme cold environments and glaciers. Moreover, using recycled fibers underscores the brand's dedication to environmental sustainability.


Anta Sports Goods Group Co., Ltd.


Anta Sports Goods Group Co., Ltd.

Project Brief

ANTA Ice Armor Down Coat epitomizes the brand's commitment to developing high-performance outdoor equipment for extreme adventure seekers. Meticulously crafted for those who fearlessly embrace the uncharted, it is designed to push the boundaries of outdoor exploration. The coat has emerged as the preferred choice for adventurers seeking an unparalleled experience and prioritizing quality of life. Its exceptional warmth, comprehensive protective design, and commitment to environmental sustainability make it an indispensable companion for activities such as glacier climbing and snow hiking.

Project Innovation/Need

ANTA Ice Armor Down Coat boasts superior warmth performance and a comprehensive protection design. It utilizes revolutionary polyimide thermal print material typically employed in the aerospace field. This material surpasses common aerogel and graphene, maintaining the user's body temperature at a constant level in extremely cold environments. Additionally, the coat features 95 goose down filling, known for its exceptional warmth and light texture, effectively keeping body heat and providing lasting warmth protection even in temperatures below zero. Furthermore, the outer layer is designed with advanced water-repellent fabrics and zips to withstand wind and snow, ensuring dryness inside and outside. The 3D-cut windproof hood is tailored to fit the shape of the user's head and provides further insulation against wind and snow, offering comprehensive warmth. The coat's exterior design integrates sleek color-blocking aesthetics with simple snow mountain patterns, enhancing the product's fashionable visual effect while highlighting the design concept of harmonious coexistence with the natural environment.

Design Challenge

The primary challenge in this project revolved around addressing the complexities of outdoor environments, which are subject to constant change. In response, the coat was developed using aerospace-grade thermal fabrics and premium 95 goose down filling to provide exceptional warmth and comfort, even in exceedingly cold conditions. Furthermore, it features advanced water-repellent fabric and zip design to ensure interior dryness and comfort. Additionally, the 3D cut windproof hood, tailored to the head shape of Asian users, effectively shields against wind and snow, prioritizing user safety and enabling unhindered movement in adverse weather conditions.


ANTA Ice Armor Down Coat is a product of innovative design, integrating environmentally friendly recycled fibers. These fibers are derived from discarded cotton fabrics, waste paper, discarded textiles, and other materials, which undergo rigorous treatment and processing. This approach effectively promotes resource utilization and alleviates the environmental burden.

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