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Project Overview

Get Active Victoria is a State Government initiative inspiring people of all ages and abilities to move more, every day. By registering, Victorians gain access to free video-led workouts, challenges and games; plus, activities to do with the whole family, information on healthy living, and useful tools – these include an activity tracker, a goal-setter, and the ability to create an online Team for help staying motivated and accountable. Get Active Victoria also offers a voucher program to help eligible families cover the cost of getting their kids involved in sport and physical activities.

Project Commissioner

Dep. Jobs, Precincts & Regions, Victoria

Project Creator

Rock Agency


Britta Henkel Account Oversight
Charlotte Hooper Senior Account Manager
Lesley Bourne UX/UI Designer
Jaydev Vala Full Stack Developer

Project Brief

Get Active Victoria’s goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of all Victorians. It aims to make ‘moving more’ as equitable as possible – its resources are all free and accessible for all ages, abilities and locations, with no expensive gear needed.

Get Active Victoria currently has 82,945 active members across the state.

The brief was to create a user-friendly online hub for Get Active Victoria to reach out to and inspire all Victorians to be more physically active. Get Active Victoria comprises a website, that introduces the initiative and provides free health and wellbeing information; and a web application that’s accessible after registration. The web app includes free and functional tools like an activity tracker, a goal setter, and the ability to create a Team for added motivation and accountability.

With the advent of COVID, Get Active Victoria realised the vital role it could play in supporting people to be more active in their homes. And, even beyond lockdown, it remains an ever-growing resource supporting people towards better health and wellbeing.

Project Need

Get Active Victoria is predominantly targeting inactive adults and their families. Knowing that inactive adults – who may also have further health or access issues – may find gym and fitness spaces confronting or exclusionary, we wanted to create the most welcoming, user-friendly environment possible.

We’ve built a custom API to sync data from the website to the web app. And, after registering, personalisation elements create an inviting ‘Dashboard’. All tools are free and inclusive, targeted to any fitness level.

Users can update their own Dashboard manually; or, we worked with ‘fitbit’ API so that anyone with a fitbit can sync data automatically to their personal Dashboard.

Every aspect of Get Active Victoria takes into account that some users, especially older Australians, are not tech savvy – processes are stepped out, written in clear, simple language.

‘Teams’ is a unique offering to the fitness space, encouraging people to link their memberships to create an online group. Families or workplaces can challenge each other or hold each other accountable to a goal – it’s not about sporting achievement but the number of minutes of physical activity performed, making it accessible for diverse abilities.

User Experience

From the content, to the tone of voice; the language used, to the colour choices; the branding, site navigation, and design – we’ve worked to make Get Active Victoria the most accessible, user-friendly space possible.

Best-practice UX design methods have informed every aspect of both the website and web app design and development. And, though the site continues to grow, supporting a huge number of resources, the design remains clean and easy to navigate; buttons provide easy filtering and clear instruction for performing any process on the site.

Launching in July 2020, Get Active Victoria discovered it fulfilled a crucial need in Victorian communities through lockdown, supporting people to stay active at home and even connect online through Teams to motivate each other.

Now, beyond lockdown, with the expedited comfortability in online environments brought about by COVID, Get Active Victoria continues to serve its ever growing membership with diverse content and inspiration. The result being a vast library of free and fun activities that people are able to do where and when suits them.

Project Marketing

Get Active Victoria currently has 82,945 members. Rock Agency continues to support the Get Active Victoria initiative by producing their email marketing campaigns. The most recent eDM (sent Nov 15) resulted in 14,538 new visits to the Get Active Victoria website. Get Active Victoria reaches new audiences every day, and through the constant addition of new and diverse content to the site, it becomes an even more invaluable and equitable resource for anyone looking to be more active.

Project Privacy

Get Active Victoria takes the privacy of its members and visitors seriously. Like every aspect of the Get Active Victoria website and web app, the Privacy Policy is designed and written with user experience front of mind. It's easy to locate, and written in plain english using clear headings and dot points for greater ease in understanding the information.

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