Project Overview

UX@INPS: a cross-organizational design unit within the public administration focusing on users and their experience.

We designed the unit responsible for spreading the design culture within INPS through the definition of operational practices useful to regulate their activities and to make relations with stakeholders and suppliers easier. Through co-creation activities we obtained a design embedded in a transversal way across the organization.

We helped a group of people to feel part of a team. The goal was reached through Co-Design practices involving the members of the team themselves, who defined their Mission, Vision, and Values. They also chose their name: "UX@INPS".

Using agile methodologies, together with them we structured practices they adopted to exchange views and evolve in routine.
Through their knowledge of the organization we could help them to define how to navigate the different areas typical of a large public institution.

Finally, we worked jointly to define an operational framework "I.E.S - Inps Experience System" which has the ambitious goal of facilitating the working days of the UX@INPS team, in a new perspective of structured and optimized way of working.

Project Commissioner

INPS - the Social Security and Welfare Administration of the Republic of Italy

Project Creator



Giacomo Grassi, Head of UX & Digital Process (INPS)
Federico Rivera, General Manager (Sketchin)
Fabrizio Corace, Executive Strategy Director (Sketchin)
Andrea Caperni, Design Director (Sketchin)
Laura Zambelli, Service Designer (Sketchin)
Ilaria Merola, Visual Designer (Sketchin)
Marco Cinelli, Interaction Designer (Sketchin)
Martina Carta, Visual Designer (Sketchin)
Vincenzo di Nicola, Head of Innovation (INPS)
Azzurra Vulpiani, Consulting Senior Manager (Bip)
Ludovica Liverani, Management Consultant (Bip)

Project Brief

Introducing a Design Unit within the Public Administration.

Assisting INPS with the creation of a centralized design function that guides each project and is responsible for providing a consistent experience across all services and touchpoints. Also, consolidating a governance framework that ensures the development of effective and coherent digital solutions. Stimulating the mindset of stakeholders through Design Thinking activities.

Project Innovation/Need

Before the UX@INPS team was built, design process within the organization were not standardized. This caused different working silos and different approaches depending on people involved in each project.

With the introduction of the design structure within the organization, we harmonized the flows. Starting from the kickoff until the launch of the service, the design is now overseen by team members who are responsible for ensuring that the practices and tools that have been defined are applied.

Thanks to UX@INPS team, which moves across the organization, all design projects have now a guide and 30 millions of INPS services users can benefit from a consistent experience across different touchpoints. INPS employees are also receiving continuous training on design practicies through a “learn by doing” methodology.

Design Challenge

The main challenge was the “change of perspective”, from processes to people.

Stakeholder input was essential to understand how to structure a design process respecting the several constraints imposed by a public institution. At the same, getting them used to consider users as a “resource” and training them to the application of design thinking methodologies was a great challenge. We were pleased to see that stakeholders appreciated our design thinking sessions and repeated them in their projects.

Finally, as designers, the greatest challenge (and satisfaction) was working for citizens of our country with the purpose to structure a team that will work in everyone’s interest. As per our mission, our goasl was to "Provide citizens with all and only the information and services they need for their social protection, through a digital presence that is simple, accessible and constantly optimized based on their needs."

Future Impact

As per UX@INPS team Vision "Designing digital services that improve citizens quality of life", this project has the responsibility to facilitate the life of millions of citizens who use INPS services every day. The introduction of a design thinking approach into an extremely “complex and structured” institution lets us look to the future with confidence. Users are finally being considered by the institutions: through design thinking practices, INPS services will be built around users needs.

This award celebrates creative and innovative solution design for the successful delivery and provision of government services. Consideration given to system integration, user experience, product design.
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