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14 September 2023 - Launch Deadline
21 December 2023 - Standard Deadline
28 March - Extended Deadline
29 March - Judging
3 April - Winners Announced

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation: Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition

Image Credit : Photography: Tim Jones Director: Ian Haigh




Project Overview

You need the right people on your team to achieve your ambitions as an organization. But the world of work has changed. Attracting those you want isn’t about simply offering them a box of benefits, it’s about showing them why what you’re doing is something they’d want to be a part of.

This was the philosophy which underpinned our approach when SunnySideUp were engaged to deliver a new Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for Sydney Children’s Hospital’s Foundation (SCHF). A year-long project at perhaps the most pivotal moment in the SCHF’s +35 year history, the work helped take this incredible organisation to its next level.

Project Commissioner

Sydney Childrens Hospitals Foundation

Project Creator



Frances Greig, Vivian Lai

Creative Director
Frances Greig

Brand Writer
Richie Meldrum

Tim Jones

Ian Haigh

Project Brief

One of the largest and most trusted kids' health charities in the country, SCHF raises funds to help provide all children with access to the best possible healthcare, whenever and wherever they need it.

Known for its forward-looking, proactive approach, at the start of 2022, when the world was just beginning to see past the heights of the pandemic, SCHF, were again, quick to move.

Launching a new brand, strategy, and leadership team, the organization successfully harnessed the wave of change that occurred in charitable giving during the pandemic. To build on this incredible momentum, SCHF next turned its attention to growing and strengthening its team. To do so, it needed a new Employer Brand and EVP built for the times, one which would not only capture the story of who it was today but also paint the picture of its ambitions for the future.

Project Innovation/Need

It is hard to overemphasize the importance of this project. The impact of Covid had permanently shifted the landscape of employment, irreversibly changing how people viewed, not just what they did for work, but who they did it for.

During the pandemic, a number of SCHF’s international fundraising specialists moved back home, while ongoing visa issues impacted opportunities for new arrivals. The organization was struggling to attract the level of quality talent it wanted from a limited candidate pool.

Additionally, it was battling misconceptions in the market about what it meant to work for a charity, an industry viewed by some as being behind the corporate sector when it came to resources and opportunities.

In terms of its existing offer, while SCHF already had a series of attractive benefits in place, it lacked the story and narrative that could speak to the hearts and minds of job seekers in this new and changed era of work.

As a result, applications were both limited and lacking. Without the team it needed, SCHF’s bold plans to change the landscape of pediatric health by harnessing the power of philanthropy would remain on paper alone.

Design Challenge

The creative process began with the development of a full and practical written narrative for SCHF’s Employer Brand. The narrative covered all the pieces of the story SCHF was trying to convey - who they were, what they stood for, what they were offering, and what made working at SCHF so special. Ambitious and aspirational yet down-to-earth and inclusive, the tone of voice was carefully crafted to resonate with the kind of people SCHF wanted to attract.

The design of the new employer brand was a natural extension of SCHF’s main brand. Harnessing distinctive assets including the color palette, typography, and visual language, the intention was to build on the equity and recognition that SCHF already had in the market.

Rollout and development of the new Employer Brand and EVP encompassed a wide range of both on and offline material. From the big ideas to the small details, every single touchpoint or interaction along the employee experience (from applications and interviews to appointments and onboarding) was carefully considered and crafted.

The end result was a cohesive, multi-channel Employer Brand and EVP campaign spanning films, photography, website, social channels, custom onboarding welcome kits, branded merchandise, and an extensive toolkit of communication assets. This was underpinned by a robust and practical design system to guide and inform the creation of new material by SCHF’s internal team.


SCHF’s new Employer Brand and EVP were created during a time of unprecedented change in the employment market. The margins for error were smaller than ever. Since its launch in July 2023, some incredible results have been achieved.

Fully embraced by SCHF’s current team of over 100 employees, it has brought the organization together by capturing the sense of pride and purpose they share.

The industry has taken notice, with media coverage praising it as 'cutting edge' and 'beyond the norm’. This recognition helped SCHF secure a spot on the shortlist for the prestigious AFR Best Places to Work 2024.

Most importantly, the work has translated into tangible outcomes through the Employer Brand and EVP recruitment campaign, including increased reach and exposure. This has led to a higher volume of quality candidate applications, resulting in the appointment of new team members joining SCHF on its mission to go all in for kids’ health.

- 408% increase in the average number of job views per ad
- 335% increase in users
- 298% increase in page views for new Careers Page
- Shortlisted for the AFR best places to work

This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the traditional or digital visual representation of brand, ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication, representation of brand values and the matching information style to audience.
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