Key Dates

14 September 2023 - Launch Deadline
21 December 2023 - Standard Deadline
28 March - Extended Deadline
29 March - Judging
3 April - Winners Announced

Image Credit : Builder & Joinery: Intermain Services: DBS Consulting, E-lab – Acoustic and ESD, SWP, Morris Godding Access Consultants, Urbis Furniture: AWM- Workstations, Zenith – Furniture throughout, Stylecraft – meeting room chairs, Koskela – Lighting, Ownworld- Large meeting tables





Project Overview

Property Development NSW commissioned GroupGSA to conceptualise and deliver a dynamic working hub for the Western Parklands City Authority (WPCA). Situated at 50 Belmore Street in Penrith's core, this workspace encompasses 2,000m2 spread across the Ground Floor and Level 7 of a newly developed complex by Sandran Property & Podia Development.
Tasked with revitalising the NSW Government Agency's image, GroupGSA's Interior Design Team aimed to present WPCA as a vibrant workspace, emphasising its substantial investment and role in Western Sydney's economic and cultural advancement.
Notable project features include a ground-floor community centre adjacent to the main lobby, complete with its own entrance. This centre comprises a model showcase, community briefing area, and a 100-person townhall/event space. Additionally, a small Property NSW government co-working hub with several meeting rooms provides a flexible workspace for staff.
On Level 7, the WPCA workspace boasts an open terrace offering panoramic views of the Penrith district and the Blue Mountains. This workspace is linked by a collaboration spine of meeting and project spaces, which overlook the building's 7-story atrium, fostering connectivity and creativity among staff.

Project Commissioner

Property and Development NSW

Project Creator



Liam Higginbotham, Principal
Jordan Ottley, Associate, Interiors
Jessica Margiotta, Associate Director, Interiors

Project Brief

The brief called for a dynamic workplace spanning two levels. GroupGSA embarked on a mission to craft not only an office space, also a vibrant hub, pulsating with energy, innovation, and a deep connection to the Western Sydney community.

The concept is based on ‘trails of connectivity’, intertwining people and places in a seamless dance of interaction and exploration. These pathways not only consider the physical responses, they also encompass the essence of our design philosophy. The design intent is to guide individuals through a landscape of varied workstyles to support the requirements of a contemporary, dynamic workforce who work on some of Western Sydney’s largest urban developments.

Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking vistas of the Blue Mountains and District, Property NSW wanted the colour palette to echo the natural beauty surrounding the building. Warm timber tones, earthy sandstone hues, and refreshing Eucalyptus greens envelop the space, bringing in the outdoors, infusing the space with warmth and vitality.

The fixtures and furniture were carefully curated to breathe life into the heart of the workplace and transform each space into a bustling nexus of connection and community. We selected fabrics by indigenous artists. We aligned with suppliers who share our core values, with an emphasis on engagement with the community. This is more than an office, it is a destination, a beacon inviting WPCA to be immersed in the rich tapestry of Western Sydney's ever-evolving urban landscape.

Project Innovation/Need

In our groundbreaking design, we crafted an electrifying mix of workspaces, meeting rooms brimming with diversity, and intimate one and two person focus areas. Tailored to the dynamic work style of the WPCA team, known for their project-driven ethos and collaborative spirit, we introduced cutting-edge project spaces.

The 'Collaboration Spine' is a pulsating hub of innovation. It includes adaptable furniture and kinetic curtains to create a fluid space that effortlessly shifts from dynamic collaboration to focused workshops. It is complete with flip tables and the latest AV technology for seamless collaboration experiences. All work needs are catered for. The design includes enclosed rooms and, for longer-duration project work, a series of sliding doors featuring workstations and compact collaboration hubs for staff to bunker down. Project engagement thrives in dedicated spaces, reserved as needed.

Seamlessly integrating with the 7-storey atrium's central circulation path, our design sparks creativity and adaptability throughout the workspace. It's the vibrant heartbeat of the office, welcoming visitors and staff to engage with the agency in a more transparent & welcoming way.

Design Challenge

We were presented with a floor plate that exhibited significant disconnection. WPCA had secured leases for both the Ground floor and Level 7. It was imperative for us to draw their staff down to the ground level while establishing an aesthetic connection between the two floors. As a project team, we decided the ground floor would serve as the public/client-facing area, featuring an arrival zone with models for display, a brochure and content display, and a large multifunctional space for town halls equipped with a prep kitchen for hosting on-site functions. Additionally, we located the Touchdown area, a standard PDNSW space designed for visiting employees.

Some design challenges surfaced during the briefing stage, where we were required to apply existing Property NSW standards to the new WPCA office. Understanding the unique operational dynamics of WPCA was crucial. Through comprehensive briefings, we quickly realised the WPCA teams are deeply involved in project work, requiring spaces beyond conventional standards.
This realisation prompted the creation of a new space type known as the 'Collaboration Spine.' Our approach involved shifting away from established standards, redefining spatial configurations, and addressing the specific needs of WPCA. The resulting design met immediate requirements and introduced an innovative space concept to encourage collaboration and adaptability. This solution exemplifies forward-thinking tailored to the agency's dynamic nature, seamlessly aligning with WPCA's project-focused operations.


We worked with PDNSW to carefully select furniture that is Australian-designed or manufactured. We aligned with businesses like Zenith and AWM. In close partnership with Property NSW & their GREP (Government Resource Efficiency Policy), we developed a comprehensive furniture reuse strategy, making modifications to work points to maximise reuse where possible & provide an avenue to target several innovation points in support of Green Star & WELL credentials.

Integrating plants throughout the workplace promotes biophilia, while strategically placing workstations along the façade and inner atrium ensures ample access to natural light, enhancing the overall well-being of WPCA's staff. Additionally, on Level 7, a terrace facilitates fresh air circulation within the workspace. By situating the breakout area adjacent to the terrace, we create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, encouraging occupants to enjoy the fresh air and spend more time in this space.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes. 
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