A Sumptuous Residence Blending East and West


Project Overview

The key for this interior design project is to integrate 4+1 respective styles—the common area and four bedrooms—into a holistic appearance. Attentive to details, the designer creates a harmonious style through techniques like the connecting of Eastern images with the decorative moldings and accentuating the dragon-shaped marble pattern, matching teal leather and turquoise textiles in both common and personal spaces, and using similar gold accents throughout the whole unit. The designer successfully gives this residence a diverse yet coherent appearance, and satisfies all family members’ distinctive tastes and preferences.

Project Commissioner

C&L Design Group

Project Creator

C&L Design Group

Project Brief

In order to achieve a splendid, generous taste and a warm ambience to enhance the interaction between family members, designer Ginny Chou focuses not only on the details and functionality of each space, but also makes meticulous choices for materials, colors, and textiles.
Originally an unfinished unit, the residence was able to be divided specifically according to each family member’s needs and expectations. The four bedrooms are grouped together, but given an exclusive entrance so as to isolate them from the shared space. Moreover, sliding doors are installed around the dining area to facilitate further separation of the shared and personal spaces for different occasions.

Project Need

Natural stone surfaces exude a generous character, with lighting that further emphasizes the delicate stone patterns. The marble in the living area, while embellished with Eastern imagery, expresses a luxurious Western style. The symmetrical dragon pattern on the marble TV wall is accented by the lighting, cleverly bringing out the Eastern element. Furthermore, the earthy palette of the sofa, cushions, and curtains provides a gentle warmth to help balance the cooler feel of the marble walls and flooring.
Since the circle represents reunion in Chinese culture, the designer applies this symbol as the theme for the dining area in accordance with the homeowner’s emphasis on family connections. The ceiling structure, the dining table, and the chandelier are all round in shape, as is the curved wall surrounding the dining table.

Design Challenge

All four members of the family are able to interact comfortably in the common area, as well as keep their own rooms for privacy. The mother’s room, furnished in romantic mauve tones, is decorated with floral wallpaper, tufted leather, marble, and carved decorative patterns. The father’s room, with its quieter profile, is straightforwardly decorated with mirrors and upholstery. The forest theme of the little daughter’s room is developed through playful owl silhouettes and a wave-like ceiling structure. Decorated with floral patterns, ornamental ceramic plates, and a golden tree branch, the older daughter’s room in soft pink is a fusion of youthful and elegant Chinese styles.

Splendor and gorgeousness comprise the primary character of this residence. The designer integrates the diverse styles of the common spaces and bedrooms by mixing and matching textures, colors, patterns, and decorations to provide a varied yet coherent appearance that suits the tastes of each member of the family.


Greenery can still be accessible, even if you reside on an upper story. The balcony is transformed into a calming landscape garden for the family to enjoy. It is planted with low-maintenance plants and designed to accommodate an automatic sprinkler system without compromising either the flooring or its drainage system.


Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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