Exlicon - Groundbreaking multi-shape design tool





Project Overview

A multifunctional drawing tool that offers a wide range of shapes, including ellipses, circles, golden ratios, pentagons, hexagons, and other shapes, this tool allows anyone to be creative with ease and precision.


Ddiin Concept Limited

Project Brief

The multi-functional tool makes it a versatile tool that can draw over 100 different sizes of shapes. Its magnetic feature allows for easy attachment to the base, providing stability and accuracy during the drawing process.
Draw an ellipse, circle, triangle, hexagon, pentagon and golden ratio within a few seconds.

It helps draw circles with different radii and the golden ratio. It can draw circles and shapes from 15mm to 310mm in diameter, which is a wider range than traditional compasses that often have limited drawing sizes and shapes.
Made of stainless steel and 7075 aero-grade aluminium.

Project Innovation/Need

Conventionally, drawing compasses are used to draw circles. However, it is not desirable that the compass needle perforates the drawing material. To enhance the drawing experience, EXLICON is created for drawing circles, ellipses, pentagrams, hexagons, and geometry with the golden ratio. EXLICON can be fixed on the drawing material by a set of reusable nano stickers. It does not contain a needle, thus leaving no marking on the paper.

With its magnetic connection, it can precisely and accurately draw ellipses and circles in over 50 dimensions and over 100 different sizes of shapes. Unlike traditional compasses, it can draw shapes ranging from 15mm to 310mm in diameter, making it a versatile tool suitable for drawing multi-shapes.

The tool features checked design markings for inches, which guarantees precise and error-free drawing. Needle-less design features make children safe.
Provides non-fading markings and no perforations on paper while drawing.
Checked design markings for inches which is highly accurate and error-free drawings.

Moreover, few simple ellipse drawing tools are available in the market. Very often, ellipse template drawing tools with preset shapes and dimensions are used to draw an ellipse. Users are limited to fixed eccentricity and dimensions. EXLICON is designed to allow users to alter the eccentricity as well as the dimensions of the major and minor axis of the ellipse.

Design Challenge

Stainless steel and aerospace aluminium were utilized as the product's materials, making it durable. The centre base was tested multiple times to perfect the eccentricity of the product to provide precision. The addition of a magnetic strength feature to the product ensures convenient and effortless usage. This feature allows easy attachment to the base and stability during the drawing process, enabling users to create highly accurate and precise shapes easily. CNC machines guarantee that every component is precisely cut and shaped, while laser marking technology ensures accurate and error-free measurements.


It’s manufactured using CNC machining that optimizes material usage and is marked with a laser to eliminate the usage of an oil-based finish. It features aerospace aluminium, known for its ability to maintain properties through multiple recycling processes.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for either a component or overall product. Consideration given to aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of components and materials, and the resolution of assembly, manufacturing and the overall function.
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