2017 London Design Awards

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Meniga rebranding



Project Overview

The new logo is a symbol that captures the essence of what Meniga does. It’s simple, easy to use in different medium and represents the company in a meaningful way. This project was done in collaboration with the Art Director of Meniga Jónas Valtysson and Oscar Bjarnason.



Project Brief

The mark is like a graph that goes up, down, and up again. Just like people finances and the journey of life. It hints at the beautiful Icelandic sunset and mountains, paying homage to the country where the company was founded. Meniga liked that it has a circle that represents the coin, which is a big part of our financial lives, and finally it’s an abstract version of Meniga’s capital letter M. Bring it all together and we have the new Meniga logo.
Meniga wanted to create a visual language that they could use to help define their marketing material. The idea here is to use pluses, minuses, pie charts and more data visualisations forms in an abstract and playful way. This ties nicely into Meniga's initial idea of seeing finances in a new and interesting light

Project Innovation/Need

It’s important that a logo is unique, functional in different mediums and represents the company in a meaningful way. Keeping these criterias in mind Meniga didn’t think their previous logo ticked all these boxes.

User Experience

In their old products Meniga found that the screens could sometimes get a little generic since they didn’t have a lot of visual elements to play around with. They came up with a few ways to enhance the experience and make the User Interface more delightful. One of those ways is to use illustrations to illustrate a concept.
These illustrations are used within the products to help explain something they call user events. User events can be anything from fun facts, advice, insights or card-linked offers that’s relevant to your financial life. These illustrations help to make the message more visually interesting and noticeable while scrolling through the screen. Icons are used to help visualise in which category people are spending. It helps to identify which category they are spending their hard-earned money. They went for a more smooth and simpler icon set than we had before which fits better to their new overall look and feel.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for branded experiences intended to persuade an audience to purchase or take some action upon products, ideas or services. Consideration given to the technical, conceptual and aesthetic elements, user experience, audience engagement and message delivery.
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