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Project Overview

As it will be the house for the rest of his life, the owner, now 60 years old, merged two units into one to accommodate his “house for all ages” that ranges from 3 to 80. Universal design that prioritizes safety and comfort is interpreted with real wood and zero-formaldehyde structure, laying solid foundation for carefree living for all.

Project Commissioner

C&L Design Group

Project Creator

C&L Design Group

Project Brief

The residing 4-generation family values both independence and inclusion of living areas. The layout is set up based on the different lifestyles and habits of all. 
Now that the space is long and square, the central living space also serves as a divider that sets apart the senile lifestyle and younger generation. On the left, there are master bedroom, great-grandparents’ bedroom and the tea room that the owner loves so much. The dining area where all family gather is also here. On the right, it’s the living space for the young, including independent living room, dining area, kitchenette and even laundry room, so that people can “share” and also “own” the space.

Project Need

The wood was used in an optimal way. We look into the texture and shape for most suitable layout, a challenge to precision of calculation of materials. A whole piece of hinoki stands as background for TV wall in the living room and is also carved for screen, tabletop and door frame. Leftover pieces of the wood are used as decorations on the cabinets or bedroom walls, even stools in the shower. To waste none, the fragrant wood bits are further shredded and made into natural deodorant.

Design Challenge

The challenge is finding the real wood and then design it for use. The owner loves the original material so much that he combines the candid roughness of wood and exquisite luxury of royal extravagance.

The fabulous fusion of tea zen and modern courtyard style, based on a piece of precious wood, is also reflected on the mix and match of different materials, such as kiln-fired glass with golden flakes or pressed flowers, wall papers of pearly shine and floral patters, and marbles with crystals. The extravaganza of materials is a great contrast to simple solid wood. Pastel colors soften the vintage atmosphere, blue marble balances the wood, the pleasure of tea is complemented by the turquoise wallpaper, and the wooden armchair with blue pillows perfectly juxtaposes the gray leather sofa, leaving the wooden elements delightfully light.


As it is a house for all ages, the design focuses on possible future scenarios and not just for now. The floor is covered with teal, more gentle and less slippery than marble or tiles. Thresholds and ladders are reduced to guarantee wheelchair access, while sliding doors can be open by just one hand. In the great-grandparents’ room, there is no door for the shower to leave the space open.

The diversity in matching materials signifies a smooth blend of simplicity and luxury: a true stylistic representation of humble fanfares.

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