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Project Overview

The case is located in Xinyi District, the most prosperous section with a fast living pace in Taipei city. During the first discussion with our client, a consensus to pursue genuineness in an environment of purity was achieved when the city has been occupied by clamor. The owner of the house seeks a serene and peaceful lifestyle in a boisterous city, where lone serenity and group bustle perfectly co-exist.

Project Commissioner

Yoma Design

Project Creator

Yoma Design



Project Brief

The atmosphere we would like to create for the unit includes a main theme based on the soft and warm texture of wood and makes use of the lighting to guide the indoor traffic flow. The lights above the banister hints the way upstairs; the décor of wave shape and lighting on the ceiling reserves a taste of Mother Nature once the owner gets home. To extend its indoor axis and make the indoor space not too cramped or packed; the idea of trajectory is exploited to design the staircases optimally connecting the space between the two floors, which also helps abate a gap of 80 cm between the area of the living room and kitchen making it never a trouble to travel within two sectors to maintain an ideal balance to avoid isolation. Such a roomy living room and a two-way TV wall fulfill the owner’s tendency to be interactive. It is not only perfectly-crafted to host family members but offer enough space to them to stay overnight at the lounge in the kitchen. In addition, another user-friendly design hides in the bathroom creating the joy of a spacious room within the whole unit of merely 15 pin seemingly dwelling in Utopia between reality and illusion.

Project Need

The soft and warm texture of wood color is employed with the assistance of lighting in the entire room creating its purity of color in such small space. The indoor lighting paves its traffic flow also extending the axis inside and the metal bars and accessories decorated with engravings perfect delicacy within. Last but not least, the ceiling and staircases share one same notion of trajectory making everyone indoors with no choice but to swirl in a joyful mood.

Design Challenge

The design of staircases always plays a key role in small space. With a mutual consent, the idea of trajectory to be applied to staircases surfaces to enchant us seeking to achieve a joy to the eye. Despite a gap of 80 cm in height between two sectors in the house, a constant and stable use of open space is reached crafting a sense of swiftness and transparency.


Veneers used within the space come from the Keding of KD, which comes with a layer of solid paint, which helps contribute to its flame-resistance and cleanness. Flame-resistance ensures such space suffer from lower chance of fire and better cleanness attributes to its solid surface of paint making it never trouble to erase any stain or dirt on it. Finally, our deepest gratitude is reserved for painters on site, whose dedication to veneers making them ideal for our use with no need for any further procedure reaching the goal of trimming down the working hours and maintaining good air quality.

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