Project Overview

Kingdee International Software Group Co., Ltd. has provided services to 6.8 million enterprises and governments in the world through its management software and cloud services. The designer intends to create a diverse and interesting office environment that has the simplicity and grandness of the traditional business style, while integrating the corporate story culture.

Project Commissioner

Kingdee (Guangzhou)

Project Creator

Maverick Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd


Jianyang Zhang, Zhaowen Zhou

Project Brief

The space design is inspired by Kingdee's term of "network cloud platform". It takes a big tree as the main space line, and the subsequently extended tree elements connect all the areas, making the space complete, coherent and story-rich. The tree that grows sturdily straight into the cloud symbolizes the connection between the enterprise and the cloud. It also has the implication that Kingdee would grow up together with its customers.

Project Innovation/Need

The lines drifting in the ceiling of the lobby echo the lines flowing on the ground, giving the space the beauty of natural and smooth rhythm. The tree is displayed by splicing wood grain plates and projector films, naming the space theme while playing the role of lighting. The design of the photo wall meets the preferences of young people today, and the pattern of branches forms a natural picture scroll with the rockery at the bottom. The seats can be extended in the design to meet the rest needs of different number of visitors.

The administrative conference room is located behind the reception area, and the wall adopts sound-absorbing cotton for noise reduction to ensure privacy. The multi-functional conference room adopts mobile screens that can separate the large conference room into three smaller ones. The seats are all foldable, easy to move and suitable for all forms of meetings. The concise design contributes to forming a well-organized, orderly conference environment. Following the simple and natural design concept, the space color and furniture gradually become calm, so that the users are more efficient and focused on work. A few bright colors are embellished to break the monotonous atmosphere.

Design Challenge

The main challenge is to display the corporate culture, diversity and fun, on a traditional business-oriented corporate image. The space takes the grand business style as the main tone, and collocates the black, white and gray colors with the warm wood color, to make itself concise and warm. The brisk blue and a variety of winding and linear lights shuttling in the space bring a sense of technological innovation. The soft outfits in the leisure area adopt blue and yellow colors, looking fresh and natural to bring user-friendly experience. There are no physical partitions between the office area of each department and the public area. They are separated by mobile partition decorations, leaving greater possibilities for space utilization and adjustment in the future. The diversified and flexible office space makes the company team more dynamic, and shows the interdependent and mutually supportive team culture.


The ceiling of the leisure tea area cites the golden butterfly circle, Kingdee’s LOGO, and the automatically regulated lights are purchased and installed in accordance with the LEED environmental protection certification standards. All areas are laid with green plants. The potted plants and the plant wall convey strong vitality, bringing people a fresh and natural feeling.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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