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Yellow Pages® for iPad






Project Overview

With the release of the iPad and its portability, immediacy and enhanced native features, Yellow Pages® saw the opportunity to provide consumers with an innovative, fresh and convenient way to find and connect with Australian businesses.

Launched in March 2011, the Yellow Pages® app successfully integrates print and digital advertising content, giving users an enriched search experience.

Users can view search results via an interactive map allowing them to quickly see business locations, or via 'Ad View' which allows them to see content rich print ads and gives them the ability to compare different ads in a single view.


Sensis Pty Ltd


Creative Developers:
Product Managers (Digital): Karen Cook, Sally Davies
Product Manager (Print): Robert Crocitti
Producers: Phil Metcalfe
Designers: Alex Johnston, Simon Doyle, Ben Kappler

Technical Developers:
Business Analyst: Phil McKenzie
Developers: Ray Hilton, Shaun Ervine, Jonathan Sagorin, Andrew Sammons, Chaise Hocking, Boyd Sharrok, Jeff Tan-Ang
Testers: Thisara Arachchige, Pranay Rathi, Juby James, Amanda Lang
Analytics: Christopher Mason, Steven Tang

Project Brief


- To put Australia’s largest source of business listings at the fingertips of iPad users on demand (and for free).
- To reach new users with a fresh Yellow Pages® offering and innovative search functionality.
- To extend the reach of the Yellow Pages® Network and drive leads to advertisers.
- To use the native GPS functionality of the iPad to provide better location based search results.
- To take advantage of the iPad’s native features to enrich the Yellow Pages® search experience and content offering for Yellow Pages® iPad app users.
- To integrate print content with a digital device – a first for Yellow Pages®.
- To provide a market-leading, innovative and user-friendly application for a popular new device.

Target Market:

The Yellow Pages® iPad app is aimed at Australian iPad users, including:
- Existing Yellow Pages® users
to offer a fresh, convenient and innovative way for users to access Yellow Pages®.
- Lapsed Yellow Pages® users
giving lapsed users a fresh, relevant service available to them on demand.
- Non Yellow Pages® users
Attracting new users with a relevant, innovative search experience that offers fast results and an enriched search experience.

Project Innovation / Need

As more Australians embrace digital devices such as the iPad, the need for services that enable us to find businesses while ‘on the move’ is becoming increasingly important. Likewise the need for Australian businesses to be found via those devices when people are on the move is also increasingly important.

Enter the Yellow Pages® iPad app. It provides iPad users the ability to search for, compare and connect with businesses quickly and gives consumers:

- detailed business information on demand,
- the option to view results by location,
- the ability to see content rich print ads in their search results,
- the ability to compare ads in a single view,
- a variety of ways to connect with/share business information.


- Integration of print advertising into a digital device.
- The presentation of individual print ads in search results based on a search query (not a scanned print ad).
- The GPS functionality lets Yellow Pages® iPad app automatically detect the user’s location.
- Social media integration
Businesses that advertise with Yellow Pages® can integrate their Twitter and Facebook Feeds into their Yellow Pages® ad, allowing users to see their most current social media updates.
- Social media sharing.
- Compare View
Users can compile a list of businesses for comparison with a single swipe.
- Full Screen, fully interactive map
With tap, swipe and pinch to zoom functionality – a first for Yellow Pages®.
- Recent Activity lets users quickly access recent searches from the home screen.

User Experience

The Yellow Pages® iPad app offers an innovative, intuitive, local search experience. It combines the benefits of content rich print advertising and cutting edge technology in the one place. It’s use of native iPad features like pinch and zoom (maps, print ads and video), GPS functionality (current location feature), ability to quickly share information (Facebook, Twitter, SMS, email) and interact with multimedia (YouTube video, images, blogs, iTunes App Store) give users a highly integrated and relevant search experience.

The larger screen dimensions of the iPad, offers enhanced readability and usability when viewing search results, maps and multimedia features.

After a user has entered their search terms, they can choose to view search results via an interactive map (so they can view the business locations) or ad view (where they can see the business’ print ad and get a snapshot of what the business offers).

From the search results the user is taken through to a fully integrated Yellow Pages® business profile where they can access business contact information, view YouTube videos, image galleries, social media feeds, information about the business’ products and services or brochures. Or they can click through to the business website, blog, Facebook page or other online properties.

From here, users can connect with the business (using the phone number, email or social media functions) or share the business details with friends.

Project Marketing


This category recognises the best new service or application on a mobile platform.
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