2011 Melbourne Design Awards

Key Dates

Newcastle Museum


Project Overview

The brand identity and promotional campaign for the Newcastle Museum. The museum is a nationally significant, state of the art, new museum in the heart of Newcastle’s cultural precinct.

Project Commissioner

Newcastle City Council

Project Creator



Newcastle City Council
Sam Wilcox & Karen Hayes

Headjam Pty Ltd
Nicola Xavier, Sarah Cook, Luke David Kellett

Project Brief

The brief was to develop a photographic promotional campaign for the Newcastle Museum
promotional materials, to capture the characteristics and promote the essence of the museum. Newcastle Museum is a place for people, of social and cultural interaction, accessible collections and innovative educational programs.
An exciting part of the permanent collection is Supernova, a scientific and technological interactive module centre.

Project Innovation / Need

The creative concept was to invoke a sense of exploration, imagination and story. The campaign represents the present meeting the past, the new generation connecting with history.
The idea also explores unique experience each individual has when visiting the museum - we choose to see what we see.
Each component of the museum is represented by the characters photographed. The characters are primarily children, representing the generation for the future.

learning about the past and who they are. Each image represents a different theme. There are five themes in total - three permanent collections (The Newcastle Story, Fire and Earth and Supernova) as well as ‘events’ and ‘education’.

Design Challenge

The challenge for this photographic campaign was to create a world of objects that people would recognise and relate to, as well as be informed of the story each image is portraying.

The use of colour was applied to each image to maintain consistency with the brand.
Blue for “The Newcastle Story”, yellow for “Supernova”, red for “Fire and Earth”, green for “Education”, silver grey to represent “Events”.


We care about our footprint and
we always suggest sustainable alternatives to our clients.
For this project we scavenged ‘throw out’ materials for the backdrop.


This award recognises design-related photography intended to communicate a message, announce a product or cause a shift in the behavior of the viewer.
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