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Project Overview

Its been described as “a little nuts” “A sort of theme park of brewery’s” and an “adventure play ground”. But at its core this is what you get when a Brewery design and build is led by commissioned by the three directors in their 30’s who for good reasons don’t feel they need to play by the rules. You won’t find a subway tile in this place! No quite the opposite to the Melbourne design trends this venue has a jungle, a waterfall and river that leads to a lagoon with a 6m high glass wall to showcase the workings of the rest of the 3500 square meters of brewery and that’s just the short spiel of it.

Project Commissioner

Moon Dog Brewery

Project Creator

Two Design


Rohin Adams
Kate Edmond

Project Brief

The overarching emphasis of this design brief was 'journey'. Whilst the bar space was a blank canvas of 1500 square meters the client wanted the space to have both a grand reveal and also provide a sort of adventure as customers discover more and more unique spaces within the venue. Each space needed to tie back to the key features being the Bar, Brewery and Lagoon. However lets remember that when it started the idea of the lagoon was not there yet meaning there was a big question mark of just what that design element may be.
The client had been to some grand venues overseas that had some elements he liked, we also had the general vibe of just what Moon Dog is based on the Abbotsford venue which rather than designed, was created.

Project Innovation/Need

The innovation in this project comes from the journey that was created. This is pivotal to this not being just another brewery in an old factory.
It starts from the car park with a 100m side alley between two factories with all the aged charm left in place and some greenery added to soften the trip. The Reveal comes as you enter the space which has you cross a small bridge over the river mouth to the lagoon. At this point you’re presented with a view over a very large venue. Just where do you look. The Lagoon with operable roof over and brewery in operation behind? Or the bar with over 70 taps and view to Keg room and some 100 kegs? Or the tiered shipping container stack with upper and lower deck seating? The thing is, this initial view is only half of the venue. Another bridge leads past the waterfall and to the Jungle upper deck area that sits above the rain forest type planting and overlooks the main space. Hidden under this though is the Tiki bar, a quite little get away that is quite the opposite to the main area with its own theme for discovery.
The shipping container tiered stack presents many rooms and spaces including a games room and leads through to the outdoor dinging area with another bar and huge external sports screen.

Design Challenge

This project was unique in that the client and the builder were both a big part of the design process which was a fluid process through the build phase. From the building lease being signed to start on site there was barely enough time to get the overall layout resolved and drawings for permit sent off. The finer details were resolved in parts through collaboration and in other parts through research, presentation and then application. It made for a long but exciting project


Not to the view of the customer but on the large expanse of roof over the 5000 square meter venue is 99.6 Kw solar panel system.
However with more focus on what is visible to the eye is the large use of recycled timber elements including bar cladding, deck trimming and other various wall claddings.
All the shipping containers don’t hide the fact that they are recycled with their multi-colour choices being a big part of the desired design feel. The 250 square meter opening roof over the Lagoon with its flowing water provides summer relief from the heat through natural air flow and heat sync design theories. We all feeling cooler sitting beside water. Whilst the original factory gas heaters were retained and refurbished for the space to cope with winter heating. Even the kid’s playground was purchased and collected second hand from a venue in Portsea and then modified to suit the space.
The bare shell of the factory was left uncovered where ever possible and all the 200+ plants are alive. Not a skerrick of plastic jungle to be found. The selections and locations of the plants all help with the venues natural cooling including specifically designed watering systems that can create a misted environment to cool the customer.

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