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Project Overview

The Eco Green Tall Tower represents a new and exciting icon for Ho Chi Minh City – a beacon for this dynamic and energetic city which is growing in both economic and cultural importance.

The design philosophy is to create the landmark pinnacle of the Eco Green Saigon Development, anchoring District 7 as the new growth precinct for Ho Chi Minh and balancing the District 1 development across the river. Eco Green Tall Tower is a mixed-use development commissioned by Xuan Mai Saigon, a major Vietnamese construction, development, and integrated services corporation.

This flagship project – a 275m tall, 69 storey Hyatt Place, Hyatt House tower – will be the new urban marker within the Ho Chi Minh City skyline in District 7. Decibel Architecture’s design is inspired by the ecological nature of the Hoa Sung, water lily and will create a truly spectacular destination and new benchmark in hospitality and environmental living in Ho Chi Minh City.

Project Commissioner

Xuan Mai Construction (XMCT)

Project Creator

Decibel Architecture


Dylan Brady
Arthur Chen
Chris Jones
Lillian Le
Quentin Leroy
Biljana Lojanica
Iris Meng
Son Nguyen
David Smith
Lam Tran
Giovanni Veronesi
Jia Shun (Johnny) Xu
Yichen Yang

Project Brief

Eco Green Tall Tower rises from a highly integrated landscape podium, with an engaging public realm of retail and communal offerings built at human scale. This compelling, sustainable, and iconic design (for what will be the second tallest building in Ho Chi Minh City) is a marker of elegance that reflects a refined environmental design and a cultural marker, to bring District 7 into the new century of Ho Chi Minh’s growth.

It contains a conference centre and commercial offices to the lower floors, whilst the upper levels are dedicated to the new Hyatt House + Hyatt Place dual destination of long stay apartment living and short stay premium hotel offerings. These two accommodation options share a spectacular sky lobby and access to a unique revolving restaurant and public sky deck viewing lounge at the pinnacle of the project.

The mixed-use tower takes its form from nature and the essence of growth found in all young plants as they strive for the light. Beginning at the podium of terrace landscapes, the tower forms as a biological petal, protecting and screening the balconies and sky-gardens that were inspired by the cellular structures of endemic tall-stemmed plants. The façade is articulated through integrated programmable lighting that graces the vertical fins and ribs all the way to the tip, activating and anchoring the burgeoning southern district of the city.

Project Innovation/Need

The Eco Green Tall Tower represents a new and exciting benchmark for Ho Chi Minh City – with aspirations to achieve LOTUS Gold Rating as a benchmark for environmental building performance, that is achievable, affordable, and commendable for sustainability. Decibel Architecture utilise effective operational planning and programming to create a tower and podium that work together in symbiosis – each supporting the other and creating sustainable and innovative strategies of operation and enjoyment. The maximisation of garden spaces through the tower will keep guests and users close to nature throughout their experience from a series of terraced podium landscapes, through to the internal wintergardens and sky gardens.

Decibel Architecture have worked to ensure the needs and aspiration of the anchor tenant Hyatt and respective client groups are not simply met but exceeded. These outcomes are integrated into the tapestry of the design creating a tower and facility that is open to community, within Eco Green development, District 7 population and beyond. This is achieved through the development of the new mixed-use Precinct, that offers wellness, office and retail dining experiences that draw in daily workers, shoppers, and visitors to bring life and vibrancy to the burgeoning southern district of Ho Chi Minh City.

Design Challenge

Ho Chi Minh City and District 7 are growing in both economic and cultural importance. Central to the Client’s brief, Eco Green Tall Tower will act as a beacon to activate the Precinct, through an iconic design paying homage to local nature and in achieving world class sustainability ratings. The tower will be positioned as the showcase building in the region to generate growth and activity whilst ensuring high environmental building standards are met and exceeded.

To achieve these outcomes as outstanding architectural expressions, Decibel Architecture have a fundamental understanding of the brief and aspirations of the client, as well as the future markets and user groups. Key to our partners being fully invested in and a part of the ongoing narrative is maintaining clear communication and intimate knowledge of the challenges and opportunities of the site and brief. We define a captivating and robust brief to achieve a level of meaning and integrity that takes a building or place from excellent to exceptional.


Targeting LOTUS Gold rating, the project seeks to balance the high-performance needs of a signature full-service Hotel with the innovation and sustainable design techniques that have become the hallmark of Decibel Architecture projects. Integrated into the project are the must-have features of high-performance facades with targeted Window to Wall ratios reducing energy consumption, integrated shading and passive orientation considerations, and elevated sky-gardens, with louvered exterior walls creating the capacity to temper and naturally ventilate lobbies throughout the tower.

Sophisticated water treatment, on-site detention, cleaning and recycling and the strong legacy of Hyatt’s sustainable supply chains brings the tower into benchmark status for Vietnam, leading the way in sustainable design. Photovoltaic glass is mapped to areas where maximum benefit can be harvested, and water recycling on site is used to support all landscape terraces. Special attention has been paid to the structural design to ensure minimised high strength concrete, efficient use of damper tanks and the reduction of aeroelastic loads and frequency – all leading to reduced carbon footprint and highly sustainable design outcomes .

This award celebrates the design process and product of planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience that reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations. Consideration given for material selection, technology, light and shadow. The project can be a concept, tender or personal project, i.e. proposed space.
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