Project Overview

Mansard delivers an address of impeccable quality to the verdant Kooyong streetscape. Traditional yet sophisticated architecture forms the foundation for carefully crafted interiors, opening out to generous garden spaces awash with abundant landscaping. Tucked within one of Melbourne’s most admired communities, residents will have Kooyong’s finest offerings at their fingertips.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator



Architecture & Interior Design: Carr
Landscaping: TCL
Renders: Studio Piper
Hoarding: Outcry Media
Video: The Sensory

Project Brief

We were entrusted with the task from the acclaimed team at BonYe and Carr to create a brand that was designed in response to Kooyong’s rich heritage character whilst creating a contemporary and innovative response to buyer needs. Furthermore, it was essential to highlight the high-end quality of the project’s materiality, its connection to place and the industry leaders behind the design.

Project Innovation/Need

Signature elements from the project’s architectural design and local surrounds were the focal point for our brand direction concept. We decided to celebrate the project’s facade and materiality by collaborating with Studio Piper to curate an abstract and modern still-life image featuring a composition of the project’s key design elements. With this approach, we positioned the brand name to reference the project’s distinctive mansard roof, and tranquil water features through bespoke typography and a bold cobalt blue colour palette.

Design Challenge

With this unique project, we had to find a way to integrate two prominent focal points seamlessly; Carr’s exceptional architectural craftsmanship and the verdant streetscape with which the project resides. We worked alongside Studio Piper to curate the hero still-life image, which was then animated to establish an early online presence. Our brief for the hoarding was to ensure we grabbed the attention of passersby, which we executed by selecting mildly reflective panelling and a striking cobalt blue colour palette to create a point of difference in the market and also a fresh perspective.


The bespoke hoarding and online campaign generated a significant amount of enquiry. We were confident that the placement would stimulate interest, especially since it was on a popular path known by locals. Within 48 hours of the hoarding going up, the developers secured a 3 million dollar sale from a passerby.

This award celebrates creative and innovative visual and audio corporate communications that place an emphasis on design values.  Consideration given to the technical, conceptual and aesthetic elements, viewer engagement and message delivery.
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