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Project Overview

Malvern Collective is about bringing people together. It’s more than a place to live – it’s a community designed to thrive, where diversity and creativity are celebrated. From contemporary residences to epicurean destinations, and co-working studios to a wellness retreat, Malvern Collective will inject new life into the neglected end of Glenferrie Road, reimagining the area into the landmark precinct it has long deserved. Honouring and restoring the rich character of the iconic Angel Tavern and heritage buildings on Dandenong Road and Station Place, we will ensure they remain a proud part of Malvern’s streetscape long into the future.

For the residents who will call Malvern Collective home, all these exciting dining and lifestyle options will be right at your door, alongside a superb range of exclusive hotel-inspired amenities including a private spa, cinema, and rooftop pool. These spaces are all designed with the same discerning eye and attention to detail as the luxury residences themselves.

Developed by Kokoda Property, Malvern Collective is a result of assembling a team of Australia’s industry greats in architecture and design – Jackson Clements Burrows, Carr, Technē and Lovell Chen – who all share the same pioneering spirit and passion for creating addresses of distinction.

Put simply, Malvern Collective is where Malvern unites. A new benchmark for urban design. A new icon for Malvern. And an exceptional place to call home.


Kokoda Property


Kokoda Property - Developer
Jackson Clement Burrows - Architect
Carr Architecture - Interior Architecture
Techn Architecture & Interior Design - Architecture (The Angel Tavern)
Crema Constructions - Builder
Lovell Chen - Architectural & Heritage Consultant

Project Brief

The heavily curated, high-end Malvern Collective is a mixed-use precinct with two multi-residential towers over 200+ luxury apartments, including a grand NYC-style penthouse over 450sqm with an exclusive lobby, dedicated lift and private rooftop and infinity pool as well as a range of generous sub-penthouses that emulate the penthouse’s design inspiration, fixtures and finishes to create a six-star living experience across the board.

Malvern Collective's ground level will be home to a brand new retail dining and lifestyle precinct which includes the last Woolworths Metro to be built in Melbourne, as well as the Techne-designed, renovated Angel hotel, an iconic Melbourne pub with a rich legacy and history dating back to 1856.

Malvern Collective boasts inspiring spaces fit for living, entertaining and everything in between with first-class, hotel and resort-style amenities including a New York-inspired concierge, a lap pool with spectacular views of Melbourne city, the bay, Dandenong ranges and the Peninsula, exclusive, premium private dining room, luxury resort-style residents lounge, garden terrace, rooftop terrace, gym, cinema and spa and wellness centre.

Moving away from the traditional, monolithic tower-style architectural direction, Malvern Collective draws from the character of the heritage buildings of the surrounding locale, keeping in with the rhythm of the architecture on display throughout the Glenferrie Road streetscape. Each distinct tower features a slightly different tint, designed to pick up the colours of the sky with warmth and lustre depending on the orientation and how the sunlight moves across them during the day.

Project Innovation/Need

The heart of Malvern Collective is a testament to its diversity and distinction, embodied in its inspiring architecture. Rising above the signature heritage buildings and gateway Melbourne site, the bold, brilliant and high-quality design and craftsmanship signals a new era for the neighbourhood while paying homage to its rich history, and celebrating its bright future.

Located just 8kms from Melbourne’s CBD and with no other developments of equal class and offering in the area, the new high-end, luxury lifestyle and residential precinct will connect with Glenferrie Rd via new laneways with direct access to Malvern train station, providing residents and the local community with an elevated destination never before seen in the area - a ‘0-minute development’ providing a lifestyle akin to living in the city, where everyday essentials and amenities are on the doorstep.

Kokoda Property has designed Malvern Collective to honour the locations past and celebrate its future, offering residents, as well as the local community an enhanced lifestyle precinct in close proximity to an incredible array of existing lifestyle, retail and dining options in Malvern, and within the development itself.
Malvern Collective is a truly unique development for the local and surrounding areas.

Design Challenge

The team recognised the unique opportunity presented by the site and understood the demand for a gateway marker to the suburb of Malvern along the Dandenong Road corridor. This understanding allowed Kokoda to tailor the design and concept to meet the specific requirements of the project. The team capitalised on under-utilised infrastructure and the need to energise and support local businesses. By presenting the ‘Glenferrie Gateway’ as a metaphorical throughpoint connecting communities, the project resonated with the target market and generated interest and excitement. The site's isolation and heritage overlay challenges were overcome by adopting a dynamic form that responded to the Princess Highway and integrating ground-floor commercial interfaces to Glenferrie Rd and Princess Highway. The material palette, featuring concrete and stone, not only created a sense of solidity and texture but also allowed for coexistence with adjacent heritage buildings and the broader Glenferrie Road precinct. The design response addressed the market's need for comfortable and sustainable living. The irregular floor plates encouraged passive ESD initiatives, such as cross-flow ventilation and solar gain. The inclusion of outdoor pool deck terraces, timber deck alfresco dining areas, and residents' lounges with generous terraces and gardens catered to residents' desire for active and healthy lifestyles. The team’s design response can be attributed to many factors, including understanding the market's needs, effective timing and communication, and thoughtful consideration of materials and design. By addressing these aspects, the project will meet market demand, create excitement, and offer a unique, desirable living experience.


Kokoda has implemented several initiatives to ensure a sustainable development, encompassing various environmental, social and economic aspects

Water conservation is a key aspect of our sustainability approach. The inclusion of rainwater tanks enables the collection and reuse of water for irrigation and toilet flushing in retail and office spaces. This reduces the strain on municipal water supplies and promotes responsible water management.

Green spaces and biodiversity have been prioritised by allocating 2.5% of the site area to native plants enhancing the ecological value of the development by supporting local flora and fauna, and contributing to the overall sustainability of the area.

The inclusion of electric vehicle charging points in public parking bays promotes the use of electric vehicles and helps to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. The use of ultra-low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints for 50% of internally applied surfaces ensures healthier indoor air quality and reduces harmful emissions.

In terms of environmental sustainability, we have incorporated ESD initiatives throughout the project. End-of-trip facilities with generous bicycle parking encourage alternative modes of transportation and reduce reliance on cars. The site's adjacency to Malvern train station and tram routes promotes sustainable commuting options, reducing carbon emissions. Additionally, the nearby bicycle path further supports active transportation and connectivity to other areas.

Addressing economic sustainability, the project's location within a major activity center enhances its long-term viability. By integrating sustainable practices and offering amenities that promote active and healthy lifestyles, we create a desirable and economically sustainable development.

This award celebrates the design process and product of planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience that reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations. Consideration given for material selection, technology, light and shadow. The project can be a concept, tender or personal project, i.e. proposed space.
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