Project Overview

Open Galactic’s open-source space technology platform is harnessing the power of collaboration and information sharing to push the Australian and Global space economy forward.

Storyfolk were engaged to create a brand identity that was bold and progressive and that resonated with the tech and space community, government and funding partnerships as well as the private sector.

Project Commissioner

Saber Astronautics

Project Creator



Core project team:
Cass Mackenzie - Design Director
Sarah Gross - Creative Director
Riley McDonald - Senior Animator
Ben Brushfield - Animator

Project Brief

We needed to create a brand identity that embodied Open Galactic's bold and audacious vision, whilst instilling trust and credibility into the platform.

We took Open Galactic’s brand to the next level by being innovative, dynamic and progressive in our approach in order to harness the brand’s true nature.

We pushed boundaries to create a brand identity, unlike anything that’s been seen before.

Project Innovation/Need

We asked ourselves how we could push the limits of design thinking to capture the innovation of Open Galactic.

By fusing science and storytelling into the brand DNA we created a dynamic brand defying the constraints of a static form and infusing an underlying theme of physics. The two rings in orbit animate in motion to reveal data and text, bringing momentum and movement to the brand and a true sense of open source. We used a colour palette inspired by young stars, which burn hotter and give off a blue-like colour to inject personality into the brand that could stand out and appeal to the next generation of innovators (young stars). Incorporating both form and function, the animated byline brings the brand to life with multiple meanings that speak to the brand’s focus on open data, collaboration, and revealing new horizons.

Design Challenge

In an industry synonymous with innovation, the challenge was to create a brand that could push boundaries within the highly competitive space industry, appeal to a broad audience and be delivered within a four-week timeframe from start to finish.

By creating a logo form that is dynamic and animates to reveal the byline we expanded the limits of design thinking to galactic proportions and all the while creating a brand identity that was sophisticated and trustworthy.
The result was something refreshingly distinctive that inspires confidence in Open Galactic and fuels the imagination of innovators in the industry.


The platform has become an online community for space enthusiasts worldwide, bringing researchers, engineers, programmers, and entrepreneurs together to collaborate and advance the industry. The software is now being used by real-world mission control operations across the globe, saving the space industry millions of dollars in time, research, and development.

Since launching Open Galactic, they’ve successfully launched BlueWalker3; a huge 693 square feet communication probe in low earth orbit, powered by code modified through Open Galactic. The brand identity has reinforced the platform’s standing in the industry, attracting innovative minds and enabling their vision of “pushing the Australian and Global space economy forward”.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.
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