Project Overview

On a mission to build a stronger and more diverse Australian workforce, Passage Co. helps companies and industries source global talent, then facilitates working visas and the migration process. In creating Passage Co's new branding, and then designing and developing their website, our mission was to capture their cheerful and seamless approach to visa and migration services. No legal ordeals here; nor the serious corporate tone represented by their competitors. The new website we've created is fun, bold and unexpected. Colour pops, animation brings liveness, and custom-drawn illustrations offer a human touch. Responsive, super fast, easy to navigate and understand are all a given – that goes for everything we create. But, Passage Co. is another great example of how keen attention to detail adds up to an elevated online experience that feels 'cut-above' from the moment you arrive.

Project Commissioner

Passage Co.

Project Creator

Rock Agency


Account Manager Jessie Gleeson
Lead Developer Dipali Vala
Lead Designer Lewis Jarvis
Creative Oversight Tia Kelly

Project Brief

We have a skills shortage in Australia and Passage Co are passionate about trying to solve it by sourcing global talent. But, unlike other visa and immigration companies, Passage Co wanted to disrupt expectations from a stark, corporate image. They wanted the website to be friendly and un-daunting to reflect their attitude to the services they offer. Colourful, quirky, user friendly, and bold were some of the words in our brief from the client. Also, their previous site only talked about migration for candidates. They needed the new one to reflect their broader range of services, which also comprises assisting organisations and employers with finding talent.

Project Innovation/Need

The Passage Co website is everything you don’t expect from a migration services company – and that’s brilliant. It’s a huge point of difference to their corporate competitors; and defies people’s general associations with this industry in Australia. Alongside delivering the Passage Co website, we also designed the logo, which beautifully captures the welcoming vibe we were after. It suggests a ‘journey with a destination’ via the circular motif; and the ‘pink’, accompanied by a modern lowercase typeface makes it lively and fun – never threatening, nor boring.

The website, right from the outset, delineates two clear pathways – People Services for employers to locate talent; and Migration Services for global talent to apply for visas. Clear buttons delineated by a playful colour palette filter users into those clear pathways, an elegant and user-friendly solution, especially to an audience who may not have English as their first language.

User Experience

Beyond the clear and simple structure of the site, we’ve gone above and beyond to deliver user -friendly solutions to Passage Co’s audience. Where their old site asked users to download information-heavy PDFs, we’ve taken that information, condensed it, and stepped it out for users to absorb in smaller chunks. The use of colour and ‘hand-drawn’ motifs make it fun and friendly, as opposed to overwhelming.

Passage Co also informed us that lots of their clients come to them at different stages of the migration process. So, by creating graphic timelines, we’ve given users an easy way to see where they are, where they need to get to, and immediately understand how long to expect it to take.

Placed across the site, too, in relevant context are ten different forms for people to make first contact with Passage Co directly – more convenient than leaving the site and sending an email, and the different form types deliver a more tailored enquiry, saving everyone time.

Project Marketing

The Passage Co. website has exceeded the client's expectations – meeting the need of standing out from the corporate crowd, while delivering a range of thoughtful user interactions that consider the audience first.

From the logo design, to the smart site structure; the fun colour palette to the hand-drawn animations – all of it works together to capture the 'soul' of the Passage Co. name. Any visitor to the site, no matter their background, can immediately understand that this is a company that do thing differently. It's exactly what Passage Co. imagined, and they are delighted with the results.

Project Privacy

The website is compliant with Australian laws, and is also GDPR compliant. The privacy policies are clearly listed out in the Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy page of the website.

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