Key Dates

30 November 2023 - Launch Deadline
14 March - Standard Deadline
13 June - Extended Deadline
21 June - Judging
10 July - Winners Announced




Project Overview

NatureCo is an Australian company that develops and implements nature-based carbon projects worldwide, with a focus on benefiting people, nature, and the climate.

They collaborate with global partners to leverage skills and build capacity in local communities, creating lasting social and environmental outcomes.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator

Davidson Branding


Strategy: Grant Davidson
Strategy: Tania Donohue
Design Director: Michael Callan
Lead Designer: Kevin Lam
Client Service: Lucy MacKay
Finished Artist: Barry Rochford

Project Brief

Davidson was commissioned to create a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy that effectively positions NatureCo as a leading provider of nature-based carbon projects and carbon credits.

The goal was to create a strong brand presence that drives business growth and sustainability over the long term.

Project Innovation/Need

NatureCo required brand identity creation that included logo design, colour palette, typography, and overall brand guidelines to effectively communicate their values, mission, and services. Delivering a comprehensive style guide ensured consistent brand identity across various channels, including social media, marketing materials, and the new website. The design and development of a new website focused on user interface design, website development, and optimization for search engines.

We worked closely with NatureCo to develop a brand identity that reflects the company’s values and mission. The team created a unique and dynamic logo that represents NatureCo’s collaborative approach, global network of partners, and commitment to safeguarding people, nature, and the climate. The primary colour palette features blues and accent greens, evoking a sense of openness, collaboration, and optimism, while also symbolising the planet and nature.

To reinforce the brand identity, we created a flexible visual element, the NatureCo Sphere graphic device, which is derived directly from the logo. This element represents collaboration, the planet, and the ripple effect of NatureCo’s carbon projects in forming a network of partners that create positive change for people, nature, and the climate.

Davidson Branding also developed a photography style for the NatureCo brand that is natural, authentic, and captures the global scale of the company’s projects, the human and nature context, and a ground-level view of NatureCo’s projects and innovation. The image library features high-quality photographs, illustrations, and graphics that align with NatureCo’s brand identity.

Design Challenge

The Design Challenge revolved around crafting a brand identity that transcended the typical perception of a nonprofit organisation. And position the entity as a thought leader rather than just another charitable entity with fluffy intentions.

The primary objective was to strike a delicate balance between relevance and establishing a reputation as a forward-thinking authority in its field.

This challenge required a creative approach that would not only capture attention but also convey substance, depth, and credibility, ultimately elevating the organisation's standing within its sector.


The new brand has helped effectively communicate NatureCo's values, mission, and commitment to environmental stewardship, bolstering the company's reputation within its industry and beyond.

The strong brand identity established has instilled trust and credibility among existing clients and attracted new ones to help the organization drive sustainable growth.

By positioning NatureCo as a leader the company has obtained a role that not only fosters continued growth but also underscores NatureCo's dedication to making a positive impact on the environment and society.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.
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