Key Dates

30 November 2023 - Launch Deadline
14 March - Standard Deadline
13 June - Extended Deadline
21 June - Judging
10 July - Winners Announced




Project Overview

The New Energy Tech Consumer Code (NETCC) website, administered by the Clean Energy Council (CEC), sets the benchmark for consumer protection in the burgeoning field of behind-the-meter energy products. This code is a comprehensive set of standards designed to ensure consumers have access to reliable, high-quality new energy technologies while safeguarding their interests. Providers must meet rigorous criteria to become NETCC Approved Sellers, committing to ongoing compliance and subject to regular audits and investigations of customer complaints. This robust framework promotes transparency, accountability, and consumer confidence in the rapidly evolving clean energy sector.

Evolution 7 was tasked with creating a digital platform that not only elucidates the stringent standards of the NETCC but also provides a seamless interface for retailers and consumers alike. The project is twofold: Phase 1 focuses on a public-facing website that educates and engages, detailing the benefits of the NETCC, listing compliant retailers, and providing compliance data. Phase 2 introduces a robust user portal for retailer subscription management and an intuitive 'Find a Retailer' feature, enhancing consumer navigation. Through this meticulously crafted platform, we are redefining how clean energy technology standards are communicated and adhered to, ensuring consumer confidence and compliance at every step. This project sets a new standard in consumer education and engagement, positioning the NETCC as a leader in promoting trustworthy clean energy solutions.

Project Commissioner

Clean Energy Council

Project Creator

Evolution 7


Evolution 7
Founder & Creative Director: Mack Nevill
Project Manager/s: Sam Mosali
UX/UI Design & Research: Khatia Gagnidze
Web Development: Matt Cordell, Rom Palmas
Devops: Rom Palmas

Project Brief

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) needed a dynamic, user-friendly website to launch the New Energy Tech Consumer Code (NETCC). This initiative aimed to safeguard consumers purchasing cutting-edge energy products, ensuring they have access to verified, trustworthy retailers. The project, undertaken by Evolution 7, was divided into two comprehensive phases.

In Phase 1, we focused on designing and developing a captivating public-facing website to inform consumers about the NETCC's benefits, list compliant retailers, and elucidate the compliance data and standards. This phase was critical in laying the groundwork for Phase 2, which would incorporate a sophisticated user portal for retailers. Through this phased approach, we set out to create a holistic, engaging digital experience that positions the NETCC as the gold standard in consumer protection within the clean energy sector.

Project Need

In an era where the adoption of clean energy technology is accelerating, there was a pressing need to establish a clear, authoritative standard that consumers could trust. The New Energy Tech Consumer Code (NETCC) fills this gap by providing a robust framework that ensures transparency, accountability, and consumer protection.

Evolution 7 was entrusted with translating this crucial initiative into a digital experience that was both informative and engaging. Our innovative approach focused on creating a comprehensive digital hub where consumers could easily access information about the NETCC, understand the benefits of purchasing from approved sellers, and confidently navigate the evolving landscape of new energy technology. By integrating cutting-edge design with intuitive functionality, we delivered a platform that not only meets but exceeds market expectations, setting a new benchmark for consumer education and engagement in the clean energy sector.

User Experience

At the heart of the NETCC project was a commitment to exceptional user experience. Understanding the complexities of the clean energy market and the diverse needs of its stakeholders, we deployed a user-centered design approach. Our team conducted extensive user research to identify pain points and preferences, ensuring the final design was both intuitive and accessible.

The website’s architecture prioritizes ease of navigation, with clear pathways for consumers to find approved sellers and for retailers to manage their subscriptions seamlessly. Innovative features such as interactive compliance data visualizations and an advanced search function for finding approved retailers were implemented to enhance user engagement and satisfaction. This meticulous attention to user experience not only makes the NETCC website a pleasure to use but also reinforces the credibility and reliability of the NETCC standards.

Project Marketing

The launch of the NETCC website was accompanied by a strategic marketing campaign designed to maximize visibility and user engagement. Leveraging the Clean Energy Council’s extensive network, there was a multi-channel strategy that included social media promotions, email newsletters, and targeted outreach to key industry stakeholders.

The result was a significant establishment of website traffic, with users becoming aware of the site, engaging with it, and using its features. This successful marketing push not only amplified the reach of the NETCC but also established it as a pivotal resource in the clean energy sector.

Project Privacy

Privacy and data security were paramount in the design and implementation of the NETCC website. Adhering to the highest standards of data protection, we integrated robust security protocols to safeguard user information. The platform employs advanced encryption methods to ensure that all data, whether personal or transactional, is securely transmitted and stored. Our compliance with industry regulations and privacy principles is transparent, with clear privacy policies and user consent mechanisms embedded throughout the site. Additionally, regular audits and security assessments are conducted to maintain the integrity and security of the platform. By prioritizing privacy, we not only protect our users but also build trust and confidence in the NETCC initiative, ensuring it stands as a beacon of reliability in the clean energy market.

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