Key Dates

30 November 2023 - Launch Deadline
14 March - Standard Deadline
13 June - Extended Deadline
21 June - Judging
10 July - Winners Announced




Project Overview

Forethought, a premier customer and market strategy consultancy, needed to elevate its digital presence with a sleek, contemporary website.

Anchored in robust quantitative and qualitative research and advanced analytics, Forethought's new site aims to position the firm as an industry leader. Featuring detailed case studies, comprehensive service descriptions, and insightful thought leadership, the website is designed to engage potential clients and the broader community. Explore how Forethought's innovative digital platform underscores its commitment to excellence and industry leadership.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator

Evolution 7


Evolution 7
Founder & Creative Director: Mack Nevill
Project Manager/s: Julie Warburton, Antony Corrales
UX/UI Design & Research: Owen Geach
Web Development: Fran Buratti, Dan Siberry
Devops: Rom Palmas

Project Brief

Forethought required a state-of-the-art website to enhance its digital footprint and reflect its stature as a top-tier consultancy. The new site needed to highlight Forethought’s extensive services and industry expertise, offering visitors easy access to detailed case studies, cutting-edge market insights, and the ability to subscribe for regular updates. The website had to incorporate user-centric design principles to ensure a seamless, engaging experience. Additionally, the project aimed to position Forethought as a world-class leader in market strategy and analytics, capturing and converting potential clients while attracting top talent through a dedicated careers section.

Project Innovation/Need

Forethought's new website meets the critical need for a robust digital presence that aligns with its high standards of consultancy excellence.
This project introduces a sleek, user-friendly platform that showcases Forethought’s capabilities through detailed service descriptions, industry-specific case studies, and authoritative thought leadership.

By providing a comprehensive and engaging online experience, the site not only enhances Forethought’s market positioning but also serves as a valuable resource for clients seeking top-tier market strategy insights and solutions. This digital transformation underscores Forethought's commitment to innovation and leadership in the consultancy space.

Design Challenge

The design challenge for Forethought's new website centered on seamlessly integrating sophisticated analytics and extensive content into a user-friendly, visually compelling platform. Understanding the market's needs was paramount, as Forethought’s clients expect clear, accessible information and in-depth insights.

Leveraging the latest web technologies, the site offers a personalized experience, adapting content based on user behavior. The project timeline was meticulously planned to align with key industry events, ensuring timely delivery and relevance. By focusing on user-centric design and interactive content presentation, the website effectively communicates Forethought's expertise and industry leadership, enhancing user engagement and solidifying its market position.

User Experience

The Forethought website is designed with a focus on delivering an exceptional user experience. Visitors can effortlessly navigate through a wealth of information, from in-depth service offerings to impactful case studies. The site’s intuitive layout ensures easy access to Forethought’s market-leading advice and thought leadership, while the subscription feature keeps users informed with regular insights. A dedicated careers section attracts talent by highlighting the dynamic opportunities at Forethought. Every aspect of the website is crafted to provide a seamless, engaging experience that reflects Forethought’s professional excellence and industry authority.

This award celebrates innovation and creativity in design of a unique user experience in the combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, and interactivity content for websites. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.


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