Key Dates

30 November 2023 - Launch Deadline
14 March - Standard Deadline
13 June - Extended Deadline
21 June - Judging
10 July - Winners Announced



Project Overview

Established in 2005, the Melbourne Prize publicly recognises and rewards creative talent. In 2023, the Prize centred around Sculpture, inviting all artists of urban sculpture to apply. A celebration and platform for sculptors to showcase their work, the Melbourne Prize honours exceptional skill and awards the winner direct professional development opportunities to advance their practice.

Project Commissioner

The Melbourne Prize Trust

Project Creator


Project Brief

PLAYGROUND was tasked with creating the 2023 Melbourne Prize for Sculpture brand identity. It needed to be refreshingly different from previous years and speak specifically to sculpture in all its unique forms. Used across a range of mediums, the design needed to be simple yet captivating, delivering its message quickly and clearly, while creating intrigue and drawing people in to learn more.

Project Innovation/Need

Sculptures, whether abstract or representational, large or small, have the ability to open our minds to new experiences, perspectives, and cultures. Our concept, "Transforming Spaces and Activating Lands," was born out of the disruptive beauty that one experiences when encountering sculpture in daily life. Sculpture stands out, offering reprieve in the urban environment and inviting us to see the world with new eyes.

Design Challenge

For this concept, PLAYGROUND sought to represent built form using 3D. Angled lines and perspective play with seemingly flat surfaces, creating new viewpoints that jump off the surface. The vibrant colour gradients soften the hard lines, adding depth to the design and reflecting the layers of thought that go into each piece of art.


Our concept allowed us to push the boundaries of creativity, introducing hypnotic angles and colours to capture the essence of sculpture in unexpected ways. Melbourne Prize Executive Director, Secretary, and Founder, Simon H Warrender, stated: “Every year, the creative goes further and further. This year, we’ve achieved unprecedented heights of engagement and intrigue. And all of it is achieved while upholding and advancing the sophistication and artistic integrity of the Melbourne Prize.”

This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.
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