Key Dates

30 November 2023 - Launch Deadline
14 March - Standard Deadline
13 June - Extended Deadline
21 June - Judging
10 July - Winners Announced

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Project Overview

Our recent project with Fletchers Real Estate was a complete refresh, designed to bring fluidity and cohesion to their new office space. Located next door to their original site, this new office required a seamless integration of storage, offices, and communal areas.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator



Project Director: Bradley Kelleher
Designer: Susan Illingworth
Project Manager: Teresa Fulton-Young

Project Brief

The project brief for the Fletchers Real Estate office rebranding and fit out was to create a cohesive, fluid workspace that embodied their refreshed identity while fostering a positive and invigorating workplace culture. The new office, located next door to its original site, needed to seamlessly integrate storage, offices, and community areas. Key objectives included highlighting the high ceilings in the front-of-house area to create a sense of openness and grandeur, implementing strategic team placements to enhance collaboration and efficiency, and incorporating New York-style glazing with fluted glass to add an industrial yet sophisticated touch.

The design needed to accommodate custom storage solutions, maximize functionality, and create a welcoming atmosphere with a fresh, light, and warm color scheme accented by deep green-blue to align with Fletchers' new branding. The project also aimed to balance open, collaborative spaces with quiet rooms and meeting areas, ensuring the space was both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional for current and future needs.

Project Innovation/Need

Our approach to the Fletchers Real Estate rebranding project introduced several innovative elements and outcomes:

Architectural Enhancements: We raised the roof and designed a ceiling grid that highlights the natural curve and high ceilings in the front of the house area. This, combined with a curved half-wall reception desk and floor-to-ceiling windows, created an inviting sense of openness and grandeur.

Strategic Team Placement: We implemented a thoughtful workplace strategy that positioned teams to maximize collaboration and efficiency, fostering a positive workplace culture and optimizing workflow.

Innovative Use of Materials: The integration of New York-style glazing with fluted glass and extra strapping highlighted an industrial aesthetic while allowing ample natural light. A fresh, cohesive color scheme with deep green-blue accents perfectly tied the space together.

Custom Storage Solutions: We developed bespoke storage solutions that were both functional and visually appealing. Custom cabinetry leading into the kitchen, painted to match the Polytec color, drew the eye upwards and emphasized ceiling height, creating a spacious feel.

Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality: Our design balanced open, collaborative areas with quiet rooms and meeting spaces. Key materials like vinyl flooring, terrazzo tables, and Kit Kat tiles enhanced both aesthetics and functionality, while feature lighting and community tables encouraged interaction.

These novel elements not only met Fletchers Real Estate’s current needs but also provided a flexible, future-proof workspace that reflects their brand and vision, setting a new standard in office design.

Design Challenge

The main design challenge for the Fletchers Real Estate rebranding project was fitting everything into the new space without sacrificing functionality or style. We had to balance creating open, collaborative areas with providing quiet rooms and meeting spaces, which required careful planning and strategic thinking.

Understanding the market's needs and translating Fletchers Real Estate’s vision into a practical workspace within the given timeline was also a big task. Effective communication and quick decision-making were crucial to keeping the project on track and meeting the client's expectations.

We also had to integrate custom storage solutions, implement a thoughtful workplace layout, and highlight the high ceilings and industrial aesthetics, all while ensuring the space felt welcoming and cohesive.

Thanks the team's attention to detail and a collaborative approach, we overcame these challenges and delivered an office space that is functional, beautiful, and perfectly suited to Fletchers Real Estate's needs.


Concept created a versatile and adaptable workspace that can evolve with Fletchers Real Estate's needs, ensuring long-term use of the space.

Materials were sourced from trusted partners with robust environmental policies such as Polytec, who run both wood recycling and solar power initiatives.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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