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27 July 2023 - Launch Deadline
28 September 2023 - Standard Deadline
18 January - Extended Deadline
26 January - Judging
14 February - Winners Announced

DEZONE Aromatic Serum for Hair & Scalp For Hair-Root Micron Care


Project Overview

DEZONE Aromatic Serum for Hair & Scalp For Hair-Root Micron Care is the perfect solution for those who want a luxurious and seamless user experience. The serum comes in a glass ampoule, which ensures that every use is as good as new. The packaging is designed to reduce the need for repeatedly opening and closing the bottle, which can harm the product's quality. The transparent and pure glass material allows for easy visibility of the product and its quality. The metal bottle cap's different colors mark various formulas, making it easier for consumers to choose the right hair serum for their specific needs. Additionally, the aluminum sealing sticker helps keep each bottle factory-sealed and ready to use. The packaging materials used are 100% recyclable, making it an eco-friendly choice for consumers who want to make a difference.


Devax Biomedical Company Limited


Pei-Ying Wang
Mau-Sheng Hou
Jia-Wun Wu

Project Brief

Our hair serum is the ultimate solution for strong and healthy hair. It contains a unique blend of 5 botanical extracts and small molecules that are specifically designed to promote scalp health. Our formula contains ingredients such as German Chamomile, Calendula, and Glycyrrhizic Acid that work together to soothe and reduce inflammation around sensitive hair roots. Centella Asiatica, Sauerkraut, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Ceramide, and Lecithin help to stimulate the natural production of collagen and maintain the scalp's natural defenses. This reduces the irritation caused by environmental microbial overgrowth around the hair root. Our serum also contains Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B5 improve oxidative stress around the hair root and provide deep nourishment. And, to top it off, Bulgarian rose essential oil has been added to provide a luxurious sensory experience. With each use, you'll enjoy a natural olfactory feast and a relaxing body sensation. Don't miss out on this amazing hair serum that will leave you with strong, healthy, and beautiful hair!

Project Innovation/Need

The vast array of hair care products available on the market today are often unable to penetrate deeply enough into the scalp to achieve optimal results. This is because hair roots are located at a depth of 4,000 microns below the scalp, making it difficult for nourishing ingredients to reach such a depth. Some products may contain excessively acidic ingredients to make the scalp more receptive to the formula, but this method of altering the keratin density can be damaging to the scalp and can cause sensitivity, and discomfort, and even trigger an immune response. Another approach is to change the consistency of the formula to enhance product adherence to the scalp, but this method often requires a considerable amount of time to apply, making it difficult to evenly nourish all of the 10,000 pores on the scalp. Additionally, the high consistency of the product can make the scalp feel blocked and hinder breathing. Both of these methods require the product to be washed out after use, which can decrease consumer satisfaction and adherence.

By utilizing advanced "micron technology", DEZONE's hair serum has been formulated to achieve true "deep absorption" of the nourishing ingredients. The unique formula does not contain overly acidic ingredients or viscosifiers, making it more "natural" and suitable for all types of scalp, including those that are sensitive. The serum's simple application method allows for easy usage and nourishes all 10,000 hair root pores comprehensively, developing healthy hair habits and delivering visible results that help to enhance natural beauty.

Design Challenge

Research has shown that the hair pore's diameter is only around 35 microns, leaving about 4,000 microns of space deep under the skin for hair root nourishment. DeZone aims to promote deep nourishment by allowing droplets to directly enter the hair pores. Achieving this goal requires the best technical integration of formula ingredients, formula physical properties, and micronization ability of the final atomizer. Additionally, consumer experience should be considered throughout the technology integration and product development process. The team has faced many unknowns and challenges during the development of their innovative products and services. However, they utilized their experience in biotechnology, drug development, and feedback from medical research centers, nebulizer developers, and salon designers to overcome these challenges.

DeZone uses a handheld micron nebulizer introducer that can convert formulated products into 5-micron droplets. Scalp microscope analysis has confirmed that droplets of this size can directly enter the hair pores in the largest amount. Handheld operation is convenient for designers and consumers. The atomized mode of introduction can also easily penetrate the hair barrier. Compared to common products like droppers, pressurized sprays, roller balls, and invasives, DeZone's micronized atomization introduction technology greatly improves absorption and ease of use, making it a valuable innovation.


DeZone strongly believes in the concept of Product Sustainability, which focuses on the effective absorption and conservation of the product, rather than its waste. The company emphasizes the importance of absorption technology, which can significantly improve the conservation and effective use of hair root nourishment products, promoting sustainability in the industry. This approach ensures that the product is utilized to its full potential, benefiting both the user and the environment.

DeZone is committed to using 100% recyclable packaging materials, including metal aluminum caps, aluminum seals, and glass ampoules. These materials are carefully chosen at the beginning of the product design process to ensure that they are fully recyclable and environmentally friendly. The glass ampoules, for instance, can be creatively repurposed by consumers into candles, incense diffusers, and more, adding value while being sustainable.

In terms of sustainable environmental practices, DeZone takes a humane approach to product development by avoiding animal experimentation. The company understands that while animal experimentation can scientifically deduce the real response of the human body, it does not represent the ultimate effect. DeZone's goal is to develop products that are more in line with the health of human cells without sacrificing the well-being of animals.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for either a component or overall product. Consideration given to aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of components and materials, and the resolution of assembly, manufacturing and the overall function.
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