Key Dates

27 July 2023 - Launch Deadline
28 September 2023 - Standard Deadline
18 January - Extended Deadline
26 January - Judging
14 February - Winners Announced


Project Overview

Throughout the various stages of life, individuals' living space needs may transform. As a result, it is crucial for a dwelling to be adaptable to these changes. This design not only takes into account current requirements but also anticipates future shifts, to produce a flexible, versatile, and forward-thinking living environment. In this case, the designer has taken into consideration the fact that the owner's children are beginning their own families and moving away from home.


Bandesign Co., Ltd.



Project Brief

As a consequence, the use of rooms will also change. To accommodate these modifications, the designer has incorporated adjustable elements into the space configuration, ensuring that space utilization can be modified to meet future requirements without the need for significant demolition and reconstruction. This forward-looking approach to design ensures that the dwelling can remain relevant and functional for years to come. The proprietor is a flourishing entrepreneur who places immense value on his family life. For him, the notion of "home" is not merely a feeling, but rather a way of life. The venture merges contemporary and traditional elements within the space while incorporating art pieces from their collection into various areas of the dwelling. As a result, a neoclassical abode is fashioned with a fusion of sophisticated opulence and comfortable homeliness. The muted color palette, gentle illumination, and cozy furnishings all come together to create a tranquil ambiance in every nook and cranny of the house, rendering it a hospitable and inviting haven.

Project Need

Upon entering the foyer, one cannot help but admire the designer's ingenuity in utilizing triangular elements throughout the space - from the intricate flooring to the decorative molding wall and even the discreetly hidden door. However, the geometric pattern serves a deeper purpose beyond mere ornamentation; it represents the harmonious relationship that the family shares, a bond that is especially close and emotionally intimate. The hidden door design, while subtle, also cleverly conceals the entrance to the guest bathroom, contributing to the overall cleanliness and streamlined appearance of the space. Moving into the public area, one is greeted with an open layout that seamlessly integrates the living room, dining room, and bar area. This thoughtfully designed space provides ample room for family and friends to gather comfortably and enjoy quality time together. The bar area, in particular, caters to the owner and his wife, offering a relaxing spot to unwind and decompress after a long, busy day at work.

Design Challenge

The designer has made some modifications to one of the children's rooms so that it can be adapted to future changes in the family. The space has been designed in such a way that it can be transformed into a half-open study at a later date. To achieve this, a movable partition has been added to provide independence and privacy for the bedroom. This partition can be removed once the bedroom is no longer needed, and the window sticker can be adjusted to create a semi-open study. This provides the owner with the flexibility to use the space in any way they see fit. The flooring in this area is predominantly composed of antique wood grain marble, a material that exudes a sense of sophistication through its subtle yet distinct texture. The muted and delicate hues of the interior design elements, paired with premium quality furnishings, seamlessly fuse to produce a naturally opulent ambiance that is both refined and inviting.


The project has implemented the Smart Energy Saving System, utilizing technology to help residents monitor and manage their air conditioning, dehumidification, and heat exchanger equipment. By optimizing energy use and improving energy efficiency, we aim to reduce energy consumption while promoting the health, safety, and sustainability of our residents. Additionally, we have incorporated high-efficiency insulation in our windows, walls, and roofs to minimize the need for air conditioning or heating, resulting in energy savings and a lower Carbon Footprint.

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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