Project Overview

This case aimed to deliver a steady sense of the living experience and create a unique everlasting manner. The owner has a passion for collecting pieces; therefore, the exact color tones are mixed in low-key while combining selected materials and colors, allowing the space to be mixed and matched harmonically between the dark and the light, highlighting the owner’s noble and rare collections. In addition, the design has fully met the needs of the owner’s storage and display requirements within the space.


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Project Brief

The residence of this case is a new house from 8-9 years ago resold. Even though the original base was not employed, much original equipment from the contractor required updates due to years of placement. Also, the beginning of the overall design was based on the owner’s existing furniture; the designer selected multiple wooden tone tables and items elaborately to meet the owner’s taste. The chosen wall hanging is the center of the space; precise measurement has created a seamless and harmonically consistent style that satisfied the owner’s keenness to dark color tones. Through the unique pairing of the wall hanging, it has delivered an imposing sense to the space. Furthermore, the designer planned the cabinets for the owner to display and store in multi-faces; whether if it’s the glass cabinet or the closets, items were tailor-made after evaluating the owner’s existing collections at the beginning of the planning. As a result, the overall space has achieved the maximum space and function utility.

Project Innovation/Need

The residence of this case is recently moved in by the owner; due to many rare collectibles and vintage furniture are placed in the former home, the spatial planning in this project has been precisely measured and evaluated several times according to existing items. As a result, transparent glass-made showcases and cabinets are equipped to fulfill storage requirements; meanwhile, the closets in the private area contain a unique and intelligent machine that can be covered up. As for the public area, a semi open-ended display space is planned next to the living room; the humanoid façade and flooring are all made out of transparent glass planks, providing storage and display functions in one. Furthermore, fine glass showcases and cabinets are also designed and placed within the room to meet the storage requirements of the owner.
At the same time, closets in the private area can hide gold necklaces and rings that the owner selects every day; the design allows the user to acquire quickly without letting outsiders know where the pieces of jewelry are. As for the public area, the semi open-ended display area can be seen at the guest-welcoming point; the façade and the flooring are all made out of transparent glass planks, containing both storage and display functions. Also, the flooring of the display area is equipped with vents, desiccators, and other devices to make sure that the owner’s 30-year animal skin collections can be preserved without concern.

Design Challenge

This case is a 28-ping residence with three rooms and two living rooms; since the original spatial planning was not smooth and the lightings were terrible, the structure was transformed into a two-room one-living room structure. The public area applied a semi open-ended spatial design that combines with showcases and storage cabinets made of glass planks, making the room more extensive and transparent. Also, the color selection complements the dark and light colors; the light colors tones of the ceiling and the flooring has shown perfect contrast with the brown wall hanging across the overall space, delivering a steady and elegant atmosphere for the area.


The priority of this case was the owner’s fond; eco-friendly wall hangings were selected as they spread out. If the owner wishes to change the design of the pattern, the removed hangings can be recycled through green procedures, remade as coasters, cushions, or other home supplies. Also, anti-toxic special paint, cement, and other basic Green Building Materials are applied within the space; by using and selecting pure and non-toxic materials, a healthy and carefree living environment can be built and contribute to environmental sustainability.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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