Project Overview

This project is a five-story house. The client wanted to have a home cinema, so the fifth floor is designed as the requirement, and a window bar is also added on the same floor for better functionality. In terms of the entire project design, the design team uses different materials with different characteristics and brings symbolic meanings of unity and blessing to create an ideal house for the client, considering the style of the original building and not changing the layout.


Suitable Interior Decoration Design


Sheng-Fu Yang

Project Brief

In the five-story house, the design team brings each area a colorful and meaningful touch. Meanwhile, the users can enjoy each area as if they were in a paradise. The first floor is decorated with a variety of materials. The stone, wood, and glass create a gorgeous party for guests. The dining table is rounded to create a harmonious scene, while the TV wall is made of glass to create a smooth visual effect. On the other hand, the second, third, and fourth floors are private areas. The color remains bright and lively, leaving the pure design after eliminating the excessive materials. The light colors are like the ice cream and doughnuts sold in amusement parks, making people feel happy. As for the home cinema on the fifth floor, a large format printing is to highlight the dazzling colors and the use of a lot of light-transmitting materials to present a crystal clear aesthetic. The textured bar is different from the rest of the space, giving the floor a luxurious atmosphere. Overall, each space in this project has a different character. The design team uses different materials to suit each member's needs but without being overwhelming, resulting in a colorful and transparent house.

Project Need

The restaurant uses a round table with Oriental cultural characteristics. The lighting on the table is formed with six lights surrounding the main light, echoing the six dining chairs along with the round table, which is a metaphor for family unity and solidarity. The dining room is located right in front of the gate, so a glass installation is designed for Feng-Shui purposes, and the irregular grids can be used to place small items of memorable significance to the family. On the other hand, to eliminate the long and narrow aisle in front of the elevator from affecting the aesthetics, a sliding glass door is installed, and when it is closed, it allows the dining area to become a square pattern, deepening the meaning of unity. There is a large beam at the head of the bed in the master bedroom. To solve the problem that the beam is pressed on the head, the design team uses the bedside table to form a curved shape that connects to the ceiling, which not only makes the visual appearance more slender but also makes the space more comfortable. In addition, the two guest rooms are also shaped with beveled surfaces and linear panels to present different design styles. As for the colors, fresh colors are used to make people feel more at ease when relaxing. Furthermore, the bedrooms farther away from the sun are adopted diatomaceous earth, which is moisture-absorbing and moisture-resistant, showing the design team's thoughtfulness in anticipation of future use.

Design Challenge

The design team has to consider how to retain the design of the previous project and incorporate the client's ideas. Because the base was a dark and calm style, it was very different from the style presented in the current work, so it took a lot of effort to design compromise and communication with the client. In addition, the design team also needed to solve the problem of insufficient lighting. For example, the home cinema has a facade that can be transformed into a light-transmitting one. After realizing this, the façade is changed to glass to create good lighting.


This project is a pre-owned house, so many of the building materials and designs are inherited from the previous owner, such as the wood grain of the first-floor ceiling and the tile flooring. In addition, the building materials adopted in the project are mainly low formaldehyde and green building materials, and energy-saving LED lighting for the lighting fixtures. The project has a pocket-type layout, which means that the facade is narrow at the front and wide at the back. The retracted front side faces the sun to increase natural lighting. However, after changing the material of the facade, the lighting is even optimized. The transparent glass facade of the fifth-floor home theater is laminated with UV-resistant large format printing, which can prevent fading and increase its durability.

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