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Project Overview

To elevate home life to a dreamlike state, the design draws inspiration from the hues and luminescence of Parisian dawn. Utilizing a low-saturation palette, the design amplifies sensory perception, creating a luxurious residence imbued with an air of silkiness, glinting with subtle radiance, and akin to a dreamlike realm.

The biomimicry accents and carefully chosen textured materials further elevate this home to an otherworldly realm where the elegance of nature meets the luxury of modern living. Emphasis is placed on the distinctiveness of each zone, seamlessly connecting them with a unified stylistic tone, complemented by meticulously selected boutique furniture. The design intricately incorporates the interests and preferences of the homeowner couple, who are passionate about wine, gourmet food, and fashion jewelry, allowing them to indulge in life's pleasures in the most elegant and graceful manner.


L'atelier Fantasia

Project Brief

Drawing inspiration from biomimicry, this design elevates every detail to achieve a unique blend of elegance and purpose. Translucent leaf-shaped light fixtures and plant-themed art are not just decorative but functional, harmonizing the space in both form and function.

The mansion is a tapestry of elegant hues and textures, softened by ambient lighting and fluid architectural lines. The dining area features a lavish leaf-shaped chandelier that complements a meticulously designed floral mural, offering an artistic and warm ambiance, further enriched by light palettes and natural wood, accented with titanium and aged bronze.

A secondary living area successfully demarcates public from private spaces, fostering familial unity through thoughtful design. Sliding doors and a well-planned spatial axis allow rooms to either stand alone or connect freely, offering both privacy and openness. Arch windows and a domed design turn the corridor into a visual spectacle, enhancing the space's depth.

The design, rooted in the soft glow of a Parisian dawn, seamlessly blends aesthetics, functionality, and emotional well-being. Each carefully chosen detail, from lighting to furniture, contributes to an opulent yet comfortable living experience. This sanctuary elevates domestic living to a dreamlike state, embodying a perfect balance of beauty and practicality.

Project Need

The bedroom designs in this residence are nothing short of inventive, each of the three master suites offering a unique aesthetic persona. Whether illustrated by abstract wallpaper evoking modern sensibilities, feather textures highlighting airy elegance, or the dignified grace constructed via grey tones and curvilinear panels, the spaces share a consistent design lexicon. Similar color palettes and intricate textures harmonize, creating an atmosphere that is both individualistic and seamlessly cohesive.

The bathroom area, with its expansive dimensions, incorporates silver-white linear designs and spherical lighting fixtures to project a chic ambiance. Designer seating accentuates the overall impression of an opulent lounge. Norman-style blinds not only contribute aesthetic value but also introduce a wealth of natural light, making every shower experience luminously invigorating.

The primary dressing room elevates tactile sophistication through the use of leather. Curved marble panels flanking the vanity underscore the luxurious aspect of the stone. A slim-panelled television wall serves dual purposes of aesthetics and functionality. The O-shaped circulation pattern engenders a feeling of spatial freedom and fluidity, enhanced by open hangers and deliberately orchestrated lighting. A full-length mirror functions as the wardrobe door, magnifying the room's spatial grandiosity and textural richness. Archways instill the space with a ceremonial grandeur reminiscent of commercial settings, while raindrop-shaped artistic chandeliers punctuate the room's luxurious intricacy. It turns the daily ritual of attire selection into a high-end boutique-like experience, encapsulating the essence of sophisticated living.

Design Challenge

In the architectural layout, dual longitudinal axes demarcate the dining room from the Western kitchen and the living area. This design choice amplifies the sense of space for varying behavioral patterns, enabling residents to engage in diverse activities within distinct zones. Fluid ceiling designs have been employed to counterbalance the originally low ceiling structure of the Western kitchen, thereby crafting a European-style glass kitchen space. Brown glass doors framed in metal impart a modern texture, preventing culinary odors from permeating other areas while maintaining an open flow between spaces.

For the lady of the house, a dedicated display room for dishes has been crafted. Pull-out drawers reveal a variety of dishes, and when coupled with a wine cellar, allow for the presentation of culinary feasts reflecting discerning taste. Specially designed display areas for plates and bowls contribute to a performance of aesthetics through everyday objects, a feature increasingly specified by clients for their homes. This spatial interpretation fosters a renewed focus on the aesthetics and etiquette of dining tableware, a serendipitous yet delightful impact.

The design emphasizes the uniqueness of each area, linking them through a unified approach that incorporates meticulously selected boutique furniture. Refined techniques are employed to integrate the personal interests and preferences of the homeowners into every design detail, creating a harmonious yet distinct ambience across different spaces.


Efficient spatial planning yielded a spacious master suite and two guest suites, interconnected by a family media room. Unnecessary corridors were eliminated, optimizing space utilization.

By refracting light through multiple angles and pairing it with natural daylight, we efficiently illuminate the entire space without relying on excessive direct light sources. This method not only provides a comfortable ambiance but also significantly reduces energy consumption, contributing to a lower carbon footprint. By prioritizing longevity and efficiency, we achieve cost savings in the long term. As we balance aesthetics with sustainability, the result is a harmonious living environment that respects both the individual needs and our collective responsibility to the planet.

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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